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Savvy Rest Reaches New Audiences at Scale Using Content Discovery (Case Study)

As a small business, creating content and finding an audience for that content can be a challenge. As an organic mattress company with a niche audience, Savvy Rest [1] wanted to use its blog to increase the exposure of its brand and increase traffic to its website. Prior to working with Outbrain [2], the leading content discovery and content recommendation platform, Savvy Rest used social media channels to distribute its content, which centered on sleep and lifestyle topics. However, it found that the size of its actual and potential social network was limited given the type of content it produced.

Savvy Rest implemented Outbrain’s Amplify Self-Serve platform to better distribute content at scale. Outbrain recommends interesting internal and third-party content to audiences on article and video pages. Content publishers can work with Outbrain to recommend links to additional internal content at the end of articles in order to keep traffic recirculating within their network. They can also work with Outbrain to have their content recommended as links on third-party sites on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis.

Savvy Rest leveraged Outbrain’s services to accomplish both of these goals.

By having links to their content recommended on publisher sites like CNN, MSNBC and Slate.com, among many others, Savvy Rest was able to reach new and larger audiences. By furthering the reach of its content, the company was able to drive traffic back to its site and generate more consumer and prospect engagement.

“Outbrain has driven significantly more traffic to our website than our social media channels,” said John McMullen, Online Marketing Manager of Savvy Rest.

As a result of working with Outbrain, Savvy Rest:

In addition to amplifying content, Outbrain is able to help content publishers generate PPC revenue by recommending third-party content alongside internal content on each article page. Content publishers with a large volume of traffic can recommend links at the bottom of their content that drive traffic to third-party sites like Savvy Rest’s blog. These recommendations generate revenue but also, more importantly, provide an enhanced experience for users who wish to consume additional content off-site.

Try it for yourself [2]! for as little as $10 a day with a flexible cost-per-click (CPC) that you decide. Unlike other CPC platforms, the more traffic you get, the more you will be recommended across our network leading to lower CPCs over time. Once you sign up, email us at selfserve@outbrain.com [3] to claim a $50 credit!