Small Business Owners, Go Vote. Don’t Let Others Speak for You

Small businesses are job creators - voteOn November 6, 2012 Americans have the right to decide who will govern them — by going to vote. For small business owners, this is our chance to have our say. Everybody and their uncle purports to speak for small businesses 364 days of the year — whether they know anything about the realities of running a business or not.

But on election day, none of that matters. Election day is the day WE get to speak, with our votes. The only way we can be silenced is if we do not vote.

Many states how have early voting. If that’s your thing, then by all means go vote today. Here is a map of states that allow early voting. If you’re in Oregon or the state of Washington, be sure to mail in or deliver your vote to an official drop-off box as soon as possible.  Otherwise, head over to the polls early in the day on November 6th.

We’re not here to tell you WHO to vote for. Let your intellect and your conscience guide you. Just be sure to vote.

America is a great nation because each person’s vote counts the same as the next. Don’t let others do your talking for you. As small business owners and job creators, be heard on election day.

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