TappIn Releases App That Lets Businesses Access Data Anywhere

Every day, business professionals learn about new and different ways to store and share their data. Cloud storage and SaaS programs offer features and usability that users can’t get from traditional methods. But some people still keep some of their data on a computer or hard drive for security or convenience. Keeping all this data secure but easily accessible can prove to be challenging.

But now file sharing and storage app TappIn has released a new product specifically for business users that allows access to data stored in all different types of places.

Said TappIn President Chris Hopen:

“The reality is that people have content stored everywhere, and moving all of that data to one place isn’t realistic or cost-effective. Why pay for more storage in order to gain access?  TappIn is different from other personal cloud vendors in that it offers “Content Mobility and Control” for the end customer, without requiring them to move content from the original storage repository.”

For small businesses, different types of data might fit better in different types of storage solutions. So this type of program allows users to keep their data organized and accessible without actually having to move everything to one cloud based program or startup. TappIn can access data from computer hard drives, NAS, and cloud storage, and also connects to SaaS systems like Salesforce.

Hopen said:

“TappIn leverages your business’s existing investment in storage, and it embraces the BYOD trend that employees find attractive and keeps them productive without requiring businesses to compromise the security and integrity of their data. If we have learned anything from BYOD, it’s that people are going to adopt the technologies that help make their lives as convenient and streamlined as possible.”

TappIn is a subsidiary of GlobalScape, Inc., a developer of secure information exchange solutions, and is based in Seattle. It was known as HomePipe before joining GlobalScape in 2011.

The professional edition of TappIn is priced at $39.99 per year. There is also a standard edition available for $19.99 per year, which offers features like music streaming and photo sharing.

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