Tibbr Partners With Box, Adds Features in Latest Update

Tibbr 4, the latest group collaboration offering from Tibco, was recently announced and offers some new features for business users including a partnership with Box, integration with other third party apps, and a service that measures influence within a workplace setting.

Tibbr is an enterprise social network that is mainly subject-based. It gives employees tools to organize data into categories and share with people or groups, then easily find it later if needed. It is available in both on-premise and cloud versions to fit businesses of different types and sizes.

Tibbr 4 brings an entirely new design that includes social profiles for users, timelines for specific subjects or projects, sharing widgets, company insights, and mobile compatibility. The update also includes a new social graph API, which integrates some third party apps into the user experience.

This is where the partnership with Box comes in, but other apps like behavior platform Badgeville and sharing platform Wayin are also available.

And as for the new feature that gives employees Klout-like influence insights, the service measures each user’s activity in the context of their work and produces a score along with charts and infographics illustrating their activity. While the score may seem a little obsolete for this type of service, the insights into actual use and activity might prove helpful to some.

These changes come just after Salesforce revealed the latest version of its Chatter social networking feature, as well as a new sharing service that offers many of the same features as Dropbox and Box.

Of course Tibbr and Salesforce are just two in a long line of services aimed at providing collaboration and enterprise networking tools for businesses. But Tibbr’s integration with Box and other third party tools that are already used by many businesses certainly makes it a more attractive offering.

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