TrendSpottr Joins With Salesforce to Offer Predictive Analytics

TrendSpottr, a predictive analytics service that curates and identifies relevant trends, announced a partnership with Salesforce this week, meaning that any businesses using Salesforce will now have access to the analytics tools of TrendSpottr.

Trendspottr’s product can help businesses find content relevant to their company or business interests within the massive amounts of data available online. It uses this data to identify and even predict trends within different industries and topics.

Users can enter a search term, hashtag, or general topic of interest, and then Trendspottr’s algorithm looks for the most relevant information by taking into account factors like how recent the topic has been discussed, the frequency of those discussions, velocity, and amplification.

Data can also be broken down into conversations from a particular city or geographical area, so local businesses or companies looking to break into a particular market can get information more tailored to their business interests. Users can also learn about the top influencers within a particular topic and the context behind each trend.

The partnership with Salesforce not only means that a large amount of businesses will now have access to the tool, but also that TrendSpottr may be looking to transition into a more specialized analytics provider, rather than one that deals mainly with data from public social media sources.

TrendSpottr will continue to offer its product separately from its Salesforce offering, and the two products will be sold individually. Prices are based on how much data is processed through the service.

The Toronto-based startup was launched at the spring 2011 DEMO conference. The company started off working with the open social APIs from sites like Facebook and Twitter, and then expanded to more real-time streams of online data.

Aside from the partnership with TrendSpottr, Salesforce has also added a number of other social analytics vendors to its Marketing Cloud.

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