Twitter Buys Vine, Plans Video Feature

For some time, experts have extolled the virtue of both online video and social media for business marketing and communications. Recent news suggests that one of the most popular social media channels will soon offer video as part of its service. What remains to be seen is how the new feature will change the way businesses use social media and video to market, communicate, and network.

Seeing is Believing

Tweet this video. Of course, Twitter users have long been able to share video, usually by posting it to YouTube, Vimeo Twitvid, or another third party host, but news that Twitter has just bought Vine, a tiny video-sharing startup, suggests the company’s ambitions may go much farther than simply supporting these third party options. Business Insider

Twitvid beware. The new plan could be bad news for Twitvid and a handful of other third party video hosts like yFrog, Mobypicture, and Vodpod. Up until now, Twitter has nurtured such third party developers that give its platform an additional video dimension, but now seems intent upon bringing video features in-house, possibly for the opportunity to sell advertising on video content. Venture Beat

The Medium is the Message.

Speaking their language. If you haven’t started using video for your online business yet, Paul Farrell of Frederick Digital Media can give you some idea of what you could be missing out on. Customers like this medium with Web video increasing the likelihood of purchase by 145 percent and decreasing the likelihood of product returns by 45 percent. Wood Street Inc.

Choosing what to say. Once you’ve decided to use video for your business, the next decision becomes choosing the message you will communicate. Laura Jennings, a marketing professional with Fountain Partnership in the U.K., has some suggestions for the most effective messages to use with video content. They include testimonials, instructional videos, and more. Have a look at the full post. True to Business

Staying Connected

The ties that bind. While contemplating how you could use video in social media, it might be a good idea to review what constitutes the most effective social networking. Small business and marketing blogger Daniel Kehrer offers these tips on how to make your connections count. BizBest

Power user status. There are, of course, other social media channels besides Twitter, and each platform comes with its own features and standards for helping you connect with others both in your niche and beyond. No matter what overall message you are trying to communicate, be sure to become knowledgeable about the differences between these networks. Here Cendrine Marrouat gives us tips for LinkedIn best practices. Creative Ramblings

Tarnishing your brand. Using social media poorly, whether sharing video or some other content, may have its consequences too. Just look at the results of a recent study shared by blogger Kimberly Crossland showing what might cause people to unlike your brand on Facebook. Bad behavior on all social media platforms, as during live networking events, can cause censure and damage to your brand. Make sure your efforts don’t hurt your business. The Savvy Copywriter

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