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Twitter Tests Survey Feature for Advertisers

Twitter has just announced a partnership with Nielsen to offer brands the ability to perform studies about brand awareness and the effectiveness of Twitter ads. The partnership will allow advertisers to create brief native surveys to distribute to targeted users in their Twitter network.

Twitter Survey Feature for Advertisers

Brand impact measurement for Twitter is designed to help give brands insights and analytics data about its engagement with users on the site that dive deeper than normal Twitter metrics like number of followers, likes and retweets.

Brand surveys will appear as tweets from @TwitterSurveys [1] within a user’s timeline on both desktop and mobile versions of Twitter, similar to how Promoted Tweets appear. The tweets invite users to take a short survey, which can be filled out within the tweet itself, so users don’t have to go to a new page to give answers.

Brands can use this feature to measure things like brand awareness, purchase intent, or the effectiveness of their advertising or marketing campaigns.

In addition, surveys can be targeted to particular types of Twitter users in the same ways that Promoted Tweets are targeted, so that brands can reach out to the customers most likely to give helpful insights about their industry.

This initiative is aimed at helping brands that use Twitter to engage with customers by offering a more substantial method of market research, without making consumers jump through hoops to offer insights. Though brands have always been able to easily ask questions to those in their network, as well as measure impact through Twitter specific metrics like retweets and likes, these quick surveys may make it easier for brands to calculate and quantify results into actual usable data.

Twitter is currently working with a small group of advertisers to test the survey feature [2], which it plans to make more widely available to advertisers in 2013.