Twitter’s Redesigned Discover Tab: See Expanded Tweets

Since its launch, Twitter has been known for its simplicity. But sometimes it can be hard to attract new followers when all you have is 140 characters. Particularly for companies or individual users that rely heavily on visual media or lengthy posts to connect with their network.

Twitter's Discover Tab

Twitter’s Discover tab got a makeover last week, adding expanded tweets with photos and other media directly on the page to help users find new users to connect with and content to absorb.

The continuous stream of tweets is targeted to users’ interests, in an effort to help them discover new stories and users. The Discover tab was first introduced to Twitter users back in December, and was first updated in May to bring more personalized content and a new design.

For this latest update, the page received another new design, but with stronger integrations with the actual content of tweets, including photos, videos, articles, and even product listings.

Tweets displayed on the page could be from users you’ve already followed, or from users that others in your network follow or otherwise interact with. Along with the tweet and any media or information contained in its links, users can see insights like number of favorites and retweets, or which of your friends follow that particular user.

Since the new update includes easy access to media like photos and videos, companies that use that type of media as part of their Twitter strategy may possibly be able to reach more users.

While some users may not always go out of their way and click links on Twitter, if they visit the new Discover tab they can see the content of tweets without having to. Plus, users who visit the page are likely to be open to following new users or discovering new websites or articles.

So the suggestions of who to follow and sites to visit may be more likely to reach users that are actually interested in what they have to offer.

The new update is rolling out gradually to all Twitter users on both its Web and mobile platforms in the coming weeks.

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