Unmetric Releases Benchmarking Tool for Pinterest

Pinterest has been gaining a lot of popularity with businesses looking for ways to connect with consumers and drive traffic to their sites. There are already some tools available to help brands manage their Pinterest accounts and measure results.


And now, social media benchmarking company, Unmetric, has launched a new intelligence tool for Pinterest users.

Unmetric is already known for providing insights for brands using Facebook and Twitter. But Pinterest adds a different type of social media experience, particularly for brands in industries that rely heavily on visual media to connect with their target audience, such as those in design, fashion, and other arts industries.

Says Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group and author of The End of Business as Usual:

“Pinterest represents a notable opportunity for many social marketers, especially in any market where products or brand-related lifestyle can become a visual experience.  In the three P’s of successful social marketing, people, promotion and performance, many miss the very thing that provides a benchmark for comparison today and over time. Performance marketing metrics represent an emerging and important next step in social media marketing.”

Unmetric monitors the Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and now the Pinterest boards of leading brands in different sectors. Users of the service can choose the accounts they’d like to track, either their own accounts, their competition, or other brands they think are using social media successfully.

The service then can tell brands who their fan base is, how they’re engaging with consumers, and what types of posts are working for them.

Particularly for the new Pinterest platform, brands can measure follower growth, reach for each pin or board, frequency and sources of pins, and what type of content is most likely to garner results.

Though this isn’t the only tool available for brands that want to measure their engagement and improve their presence on Pinterest, Unmetric is already used by some businesses for other social media platforms.  The competitive analysis offered could be useful to certain brands looking to see where they stand in their particular industry.

Overall, Pinterest can be a very powerful tool.  But businesses need to use it correctly, with tools to help them understand and make the most of the platform.

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  1. Hi Annie, thanks for the great write up on our Pinterest analytics platform. I think one of the most distinguishing features on our product is that it offers big businesses the opportunity to benchmark their performance and get that competitive intelligence. I’ll send over some screenshots of our Pinterest platform if you want.

    Manager – Global Marketing