WordPress Backup Tool Review: BlogVault

Last year we did a post reviewing 10 backup tools and utilities for WordPress. There are plenty of options, but I came across the BlogVault WordPress backup system recently and felt it is an excellent solution for small business owners who simply don’t have time to fuss with the backup process.

BlogVault is a Web-based service that allows you to backup your entire WordPress blog or website with just a few simple clicks.

What you can see in the screenshot below is that BlogVault has automated the process of installing a WordPress plugin. You can manually install the plugin, if you prefer. I took the service through the automatic option and was pleasantly surprised at the thoughtful design and step-by-step guidance. Plans start at $9/month with a 7-day free trial.

As I have written before, many small business owners use WordPress not as a blog, but as the content management system for their business website.  Backing up data in any Web environment demands consistency, and often, patience. But every one who has ever lost data, had a hard drive crash, or wanted piece of mind, knows that a process for daily or weekly backups is essential.

What I Like about BlogVault

  • It has a full test and restore option. Once you sign up, even on the 7-day free trial, BlogVault backs up your site. You then see in the admin dashboard that you can Test/Restore.  I used the free trial for purposes of this review.  I thought the system might show me a few pages, during the free trial stage, but was pleasantly surprised when it rebuilt my entire TechBizTalk site for me, on their Web server. In this screenshot below, you can see in the browser address bar that BlogVault has reconstructed my site on their server, with the core backup data. Every link worked!
  • I liked that you can migrate your site easily. Let’s say, for instance, that you want to switch your WordPress site to a new domain.  BlogVault automates the process of replacing references to your old URL name. What I didn’t figure out was if you could do that between a service like WordPress and Blogger or another service.
  • You can see the backup history at a glance. So if something went wrong and you wanted to restore from a specific point in time, you could do it. They keep a running 30-day history.
  • Last, I love having an easy support and help center with any software I use. BlogVault has a help center, powered by Desk.com, and it answered most questions I had for myself and readers.

What I Would Like To See

  • A nit-picky item: They have an online chat option, when you are going through the backup process and need guidance. It is in the lower right corner and barely noticeable. I’d like to see that more prominent or mentioned somewhere else so you know to look for it if you get stuck.

Ultimately, BlogVault makes the online backup process simple and stress-free. Given that the whole idea of losing data, losing your website, losing your blog to a system crash with no backup is stress-inducing, the team at BlogVault worked hard to make sure they would reduce your concerns about a secure online backup plan.