YouTube Nonprofit Program Adds New Causes Feature for Measuring Views

Google recently added a new feature for its nonprofit program that aims to help charity organizations and other nonprofits that run YouTube channels gain traffic and views to help their fundraising or awareness campaigns.

Campaigns acts as a progress bar that tracks views for nonprofit video campaigns, much like the classic thermometer display that shows how much money a nonprofit or charity has raised toward a goal, event, or milestone.

With the Campaigns tool, nonprofits can not only track how many views they have and how many they need to reach their goals, but it can also actually help nonprofits drive traffic to their videos by showing the company’s measurable goal and prompting users to share the videos with others. Nonprofit videos on YouTube can also display prompts for volunteering, signing petitions, or donating to an organization or cause.

The YouTube Nonprofit Program is an extension of Google for Nonprofits that was created to help charities and causes gain an audience through YouTube’s video platform. It offers tools such as call-to-action overlays within videos, community forums, channel branding, and donation options.

Though views aren’t everything when it comes to raising money, getting petitions signed, or passing laws, public awareness is an essential first step to these actions and YouTube can be a very useful tool in helping nonprofits achieve these goals.

Giving these organizations a visual tool to help illustrate to viewers what they want and or need to achieve can help to make certain videos or channels go viral within a network of target users.

Google for Nonprofits offers many of the same tools and features as it does for other businesses and entrepreneurs, but often for discounted prices or even free of charge. Businesses need to apply to the Nonprofit Program to gain access to these discounted tools. Users that have been accepted to Google for Nonprofits are automatically given access to the tools in the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

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