Bootstrapped BlueGlass Enters European Market Through Acquisition

Digital marketing agency BlueGlass just announced its acquisition of Quaturo, a London-based content marketing agency, signaling the company’s intent to continue growing in new markets.

BlueGlass’s marketing services include SEO, paid and organic search, content marketing, and social marketing on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Quaturo specializes in producing content that will help businesses get noticed online, which is very much in line with the overall goals and vision of BlueGlass, according to BlueGlass’s Co-founder and CMO Chris Winfield:

“We looked at several different companies in the European market, but it was pretty apparent right away that Quaturo was going to be the right fit for us. Their founder [Kevin Gibbons] is someone we’ve known for quite awhile, and the agency just really lined up with us in terms of methodology and overall vision.”

One of the main goals of Quaturo, now BlueGlass UK, is to show European companies the value of content and digital marketing strategies:

“A big part of what’s going on in the UK market is companies thinking that content marketing is just an add-on to SEO and not something a company really needs to focus on. We’ve seen that type of thinking here [in the U.S.] over the last two years or so as well, and now that’s dramatically shifted. So a big part of what we’re doing there is working to help change that perception and get companies to focus on and prioritize content marketing.”

Winfield also stated that while this acquisition is the agency’s first foray into the European market, it certainly won’t be the last.

Currently, BlueGlass has offices in Florida, California, New York, South America, and Australia. Previously, BlueGlass had acquired SEO company 3 Dog Media in 2010 and digital content marketing agency Voltier Digital toward the beginning of 2012. Before this most recent acquisition, the company had 75 employees, and all employees from Quaturo will be staying on, bringing that number up to 80.

The team at the new BlueGlass UK is receiving training this week on the methodologies and practices used by BlueGlass. In addition, they now have access to all of BlueGlass’s services and resources, and clients will have access to BlueGlass’s technology and internal tools.

BlueGlass has been completely bootstrapped and self-funded since its launch. According to Winfield, BlueGlass fills a gap in the digital marketing landscape, falling between the few giant holding companies that own most of the largest marketing firms, and the small boutique firms with just a few employees and clients.

The company was formed in 2010 and revenue has been growing at a steady rate of 65% per year. Quaturo was founded in June 2012.

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  1. Love it! If you see no other way, bootstrapping is the best way to go. Businesses who make it from digging through the trenches are sure to come out on top. Thanks for sharing.