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Cell Phone Plan For Small Business: Review of Ting

A few weeks ago, I heard about a new cell phone provider called Ting that is targeting US-based business owners (and consumers, too). It is built on the Sprint cellular network, but the price plans are completely different from mainstream carriers — a la carte plans so that you can pick the level of voice, text, and data you want and change it as often as you want.


Small business readers routinely ask me tech questions and one that I receive often is: What Phone Should I Get [2]?  The beauty of Ting is that you buy your phone, feature type, aka “dumb phone” or smartphone and then choose a plan configuration that works best for you. Ting sent me a loaner phone for this review so I could not help myself and ordered the Samsung S III.

For individual mobile users and families, Ting has an online calculator [3] that helps visualize the total savings with Ting over two years. For small businesses, Ting offers a “Total Cost of Ownership Worksheet” to determine what you’ll pay in a typical month along with the total cost of ownership over one and two years. If you are interested in trying out the worksheet yourself, you can download it by going here [4], and go to the small box on the bottom right hand side of the page.


What I Really Like:

What I’d Like to See:

In my view, Ting is shaking up the mobile phone hierarchy in the USA and I’m glad for it. Their pricing and options are clear and customer support has been excellent.

If you’ve been in the market for a new phone and are looking to save money, you should evaluate Ting for Business options.