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Compassion Impacts Small Business Success

Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks International and author of, “It’s Not About the Coffee:

“It’s impossible to lead in business – or in life – unless you genuinely care about people. That’s what matters. Period.”

It’s not about the coffee. Business leading with caring about it’s people not the product. A very smart, sound and profound business model  for any business. How much coffee do you think Starbucks has sold as a result of this philosophy?

Benefits of Running a Small Business

Owning a small business and being the chief everything officer most of the time means having more flexibility to take action quickly and make decisions without a lot of red tape and flagpoles. Small businesses have the ability to react and respond quickly to opportunities for showing compassion in action.

Showing The Power of Kindness and Compassion

Your personal branding is the way to present and market yourself, stand out and get noticed. You are your business and your business is an extension of you. Being an out front leader allows customers and community to get more personal with you and your business via everything that you do in social marketing, blogging, video and community involvement.

Nothing Brands, Bonds and Sells Better Than Compassion

There are amazing examples of how kindness and compassion build trust, credibility and authenticity. These are the magnets that attract repeat business, referrals and new customers.

Tide Loads of Hope [1]

Check out compassionate businesses and their leaders in action from the Compassionate Action Network. The CAN dedicates itself to:

“Nurturing compassion and compassionate action in our children, ourselves, and our world, and engage in compassionate action locally and globally.”

How Human Brands Thrive

Trendwatching highlighted RAK [2], random acts of kindness, and how kind, human brands thrive in our connected economy:

“For brands, increasingly open communications both with and between consumers (especially online), means that it’s never been easier to surprise and delight audiences by sending gifts, responding to publicly expressed moods or just showing that they care.”

Compassionate businesses have a few simple and powerful things in common:

Author, spiritual icon and peace activist, Deepok Chopra [3], talks about the:

“. . .lack of engagement and compassion in business costing U.S. businesses 358 billion a year.”

Compassionate careerist [4]“, mom and family blogger Stacey Hawley says:

“Compassionate careerists avoid complaining and criticism. They don’t whine or walk away from problems.  They want to be part of the solution; not part of the problem.  They strive for meaning in their work.  They treat others as they want to be treated.  They want their opinions to be heard – all the way to the top.”

There is a renewed enthusiasm, priority and need for meaning in life. We want to be happy, make a difference, be a part of the solution and it begins with showing compassion.

Any business that makes compassion an integral part of their business model, will succeed, thrive and build a lasting legacy.

How are you showing compassion in action in your life and business?

Image: Tide