5 Content Management WordPress Plugins

I am a massive fan of WordPress. As an avid blogger, I use the platform regularly, as do the sites I contribute to. It is convenient, affordable, often free, easy to use and has a ton of helpful features that make life a bit simpler, such as their many, varied content management WordPress plugins that can completely transform the way you blog.

Content Management WordPress Plugins

One of the biggest obstacles for most bloggers is getting organized and manage the on-going content stream. Trying to keep up with all of the factors involved in running a site is stressful. Especially with the other balls you have to keep in air, just by juggling the responsibilities of real life. It is enough that it keeps many people from reaching their full potential.

With online readers becoming more used to seeing varied content rich in multi-media, it takes more and more time to get your articles ready to go live.

Luckily, WordPress has a few plugins that will help you be more organized and productive.

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1. Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder

I use this plugin constantly. With the Google Doc Embedder plugin, you don’t have to struggle through the format problems, iframe issues, etc.

This plugin takes advantage of Google Viewer to let you embed anything easily. You can simply embed any docs you have using a very handy dialog that is added to your post editor after you install the plugin.

You can see a full list of compatible file types and language translations on the download page.

2. Guest Blogging Plugin

guest blog plugin

While guest contributors can become your constant source of free content (which also gets promoted by its contributors, for free), it takes an incredible amount of time to find guest bloggers (especially if you are not an A-Lister).

I used to use forums, Twitter contacts and Google search as my resource for guest blogging matters – which would mean that (at least) once a week I would have to dedicate an entire day to the process, just to invite, reply, follow up, format and upload posts and lastly update my guest authors of the status.

This guest blogging plugin aims at making that process much easier. The WordPress plugin lets you search for, read and make offers on blog posts directly through your WP dashboard.

3. Embed PDF

Embed PDF

I do a lot of PDF free downloads because people love downloadable stuff. Like it or hate it, PDF is a uniform format for downloadable files. With PDF, you can always make sure your document is going to look the same on all installations and devices. PDF files are easy to print, import to tablets and take with you wherever you go. It makes a great gift to your readers and a link bait.

Now it’s also easy to embed if you want your readers to first preview what they are downloading.

The Embed PDF is a super simple plugin to use. You just insert the URL where the PDF you want to embed is hosted. You can also put the URL within tags in the HTML section using tags. It will show up as a scrolling PDF box, as long as you have used a url ending in .pdf. I prefer this plugin to others, as I see less errors.  In the backend:

Embed PDF

4. Faster Image Insert

Faster Image Insert

Nowadays, we use lots of images in our blog posts because images make our content more attractive and eye-catching. Images are also essential for post marketing because readers feel much more willing to share a visual than a text. Pinterest is great for attracting traffic to image-heavy blogs posts as well.

WordPress allows you to upload multiple photos at one time, which is a great improvement on the old version of the platform. However, getting it all placed into a slideshow or gallery, editing in bulk and resizing can still be a bit of an issue.

I prefer the Faster Image Insert plugin that lets you take care of it all at once. I have used it on many blogs, and I am often disappointed when I work for one that doesn’t have it.

5. EG-Attachments


Some posts require more content than others. This can be frustrating because of the amount of room this content takes up, the size of icons being inconsistent, the formatting due to descriptions and information and many other factors.

With EG-Attachments you can now standardize it all by creating shortcodes given to each file attachment. It has a global statistics page so you can analyze how often the content is being viewed, as well. They have small, medium or large icons, and you can customize all information.

Do you know of any good organization plugins for WordPress?

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Ann Smarty Ann Smarty is the founder of Viral Content Bee, a social media marketing platform, and the founder of SEO Smarty, an SEO consulting and link building agency.

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  1. I’m also a huge fan of WordPress. Thanks for pointing out some new plugins that I haven’t tried.

  2. Rahul Varshneya @rahulvarshneya.com

    Of course there are many other popular content management plugins available and rated quite well among the entire community as well. But this list captures some of them which I personally have not come across in the market. Great one!

  3. Helpful post, great re extending the core wp capability.

    really helpful cheers

  4. This is a wonderful post. I’ve not heard of any of these wp plugins you’ve mentioned. I especially love the faster image wp plugin you mentioned. I get so frustrated with searching for images to insert into my post and I’m glad to see that there’s a wp plugin to make the process easier. Thanks for sharing this post with our community. I appreciate it!


    • Thanks for going through the post, Ti! Yeah we have many images, so we need a more productive way to work with them!

  5. I have just starting using the guest blogging plugin on my WordPress blog. I love it because it makes it super easy to accept guest posts on my blog. I only wish I was able to schedule the publication of the guest post and the notify the author of the date and time it would be published!

  6. The Google Doc insert looks great! I’m going to have to add it to some of our sites for surveys.

  7. I would like also to recommend out plugin that allows to add images into posts from clipboard:

  8. Thank you! I was totally lost and had no idea about the action=register function until I imitated yours. I ended up using that, combined with the SI Captcha plugin and the User Submitted Posts plugin. My only beef is that it requires the new user/guest poster to deal with two different pages to first register and then submit the post. I hope some developer out there is working on a plugin that combines it all so it’s more intuitive for the guest.