Highly Anticipated Reality TV Show ‘The Entrepreneur In Me’ Challenges Ambitious Entrepreneurs to Bring It On

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning today, The Entrepreneur In Me’s (TEIM) very first business challenge is taking off, and all aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to be a part of this thrilling exercise. Being an entrepreneur is full of finding creative ways to promote, market and gain awareness of your ventures and hopeful entrepreneurs will have the chance to show their skills by driving awareness about The Entrepreneur In Me™.

How Does the Challenge Work?


Immediately after applying to become a contestant (click here) on TEIM website, an exclusive URL will be emailed to the contestant’s inbox. This URL is exclusively his or hers, and no one else has it. This URL will be used to measure and track how much web traffic and email pledge signups they bring by marketing www.TheEntrepreneurInMe.com in their own entrepreneurial way.

Each unique website hit coming through a hopefuls URL is worth 1 point. Each unique email signup to the “pledge support section” of the show is worth 10 points. All of it is tracked through their exclusive URL.

Contestants are to think creatively and outside the box while driving promotion to TEIM’s website and pledge support section and the top 10 contestants will be featured on a leaderboard in real time on the TEIM website.

Below is how promising entrepreneurs can drive awareness:

  • Through digital and new media promotion on avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, emails, entrepreneur blogs etc. to gain awareness for TEIM.
  • Spoof Videos that draw attention and gain viewers back to your exclusive URL/TEIM.com
  • Pitching TEIM to local and national news stations or television shows like Ellen, Piers Morgan or The View. Think of compelling and interesting ways to get the attention of newspapers, radio stations and television shows both local and national. The wider your reach, the more people will use your URL to visit TEIM and signup.

How Do You Win?


TEIM’s business challenge will run until April 30th, 2013; when the candidate with the leading point total is chosen the winner.

All candidates must use their exclusive URL in ALL their communications and promotional techniques, so that the team from TEIM can monitor and credit them for every web hit and email sign up that their efforts generate.

Those aspiring entrepreneurs who are able to think OUTSIDE the box, while being persistent and unwavering in their effort to promote TEIM will have an excellent chance to win!

About The Entrepreneur In Me
The Entrepreneur In Me™ is a reality show concept developed by self-made entrepreneur Brad Woodgate. Learn more at www.theentrepreneurinme.com.

About Brad Woodgate
Brad Woodgate is a self made entrepreneur, who (along with his brother) turned a thirty thousand dollar investment into a over 100 million dollar annual sales company within 6 years of launching Wellnx Life Sciences. Brad felt so passionately that no past or current reality show was a true representation of the inspiring entrepreneurial journey he experienced. Nor had any reality show found a way to give ANYONE the opportunity to showcase his or her entrepreneurial aspirations. Woodgate, took a break from his company to develop The Entrepreneur In Me™ concept in the hopes of launching the show on national television. Brad knows The Entrepreneur In Me™ will produce some of the greatest entrepreneurs and companies in the world.

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