Nitrogram: Analytics for Instagram Marketing

Businesses that use social media to promote their products and services often rely on analytics services to better understand their target market and the best practices for using these sites. There are many different analytics platforms to choose from when dealing with popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But now, that more and more businesses are beginning to use photo sharing app Instagram as part of their social media strategy, some of those businesses are looking for ways to dive deeper into their Instagram data.

Enter Nitrogram, the analytics platform that recently raised $1 million in seed funding to focus on building its service.


Nitrogram offers businesses a platform for tracking different users and topics of conversation.

Once you log into the site, you can add an Instagram user or hashtag to track by clicking the “track a new term” button. The photo above shows what the dashboard looks like, including photos taken by selected users or photos that include a certain hashtag, number of likes and comments, and a stream of recent photos from your selected users or topics.

You can view the most liked photos from your stream or see which users are posting about your company or industry. This type of service, though simple, can give businesses extra insights into both their own Instagram usage and what others are posting about in regards to their brand or products.

The most basic account offered by Nitrogram is free and allows you to track one Instagram user and one hashtag. More in-depth accounts are available starting at $10 per month. Nitrogram also gives brands options for embedding photo galleries on websites and Facebook pages.

Nitrogram is owned by photo search engine startup Teleportd, which has begun focusing more on Nitrogram’s analytics service as its main product since the $1 million funding announcement.

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