Public Speaking Experts Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp Introduce New Presentation Skills Training Program

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Business presenters, entrepreneurs and professional speakers can earn more money and act with greater confidence when they follow the time-tested principles in “Create Your Keynote By Next Week,” a new CD course created by public speaking skills experts Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE.

The new product that helps improve presentation skills follows a proven 7-step process with step-by-step instructions to help develop a world-class speech quickly and easily.  It also includes an easy-to-follow interactive speech creation guide.

“People who use this easy-to-follow public speaking skills program will gain more confidence, more influence and more credibility,” said LaCroix, a presentation skills coach who out-spoke 25,000 contestants to be crowned “The World Champion of Public Speaking” by Toastmasters International.

This speaking course will help:

  • Corporate presenters looking to have an unfair advantage over the competition
  • Sales presenters who want to close more sales
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs looking to position themselves as experts and promote their businesses
  • Speakers who want to become highly paid professional keynote speakers

Fripp and LaCroix demystify the process. This step-by-step program is distilled from more than 40 years of wisdom gained from coaching professional speakers, executives, and sales teams.

“Just like building a house begins with a strong foundation and framework, creating a great speech begins with good structure,” said Fripp, a Hall of Fame speaker who has delivered over 2,672 keynote speeches and has coached hundreds of professionals, celebrity speakers, executives and sales teams. Her impressive career started by speaking for free to promote her men’s hair styling salon more than 30 years ago.

“This product will take years off your learning curve,” said LaCroix, a professional speaker who shows audiences how to use humor in their presentations. “Executives pay thousands of dollars for Patricia Fripp to walk them through this exact same process. By learning from two professionals at the top of their game, you will save time, eliminate frustration, and avoid costly mistakes.”

This program includes:

  • The proven seven-step process
  • The interactive Fripp Speech Model®
  • 139 “content-generating” questions
  • Easy-to-follow real-life examples
  • Time-saving secrets for each step
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Two world-class keynote speeches to model
  • Bonus CD: Patricia’s speech customizing secrets

Advanced copies of the presentation skills training program are receiving rave reviews.

“It is the perfect toolkit. I am so appreciative of them sharing their world class speaking insights and experience in helping me become a world class speaker,” said Jonathan Low, Managing Partner, PowerUpSuccess Group of Companies and past president of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers.

“As someone who has to write a new message every week, I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with a resource like this. The session on where to find the material for new keynotes is worth the price of the program. It’s great for helping me to think of stories and illustrations for sermons,” said Vince Antonucci, Pastor, Verve Church, Las Vegas.

“This set of CDs represents some of the most thoughtful insights available to help anyone develop their life and professional experiences into salient, poignant and even humorous stories that will delight audiences and ensure that you are invited back to speak again and again,” said Fredrick Marckini, Founder of iProspect.

“A light bulb went off for me after I’d done the foundation work for an amazing keynote speech. Presentations are a performance, but as speakers, we write and give our speeches as an art form,” said Laurie-Ann Murabito, speaker and author of “Rethink Leadership.”

“I learned a unique method for not just finely honing a message, but the most effective way to deliver it,” said Linda Bown, consulting business analyst.

“This program is like being able to sit down with Darren and Patricia for a whole afternoon, like having a private workshop where they tell me exactly what to write to perfect my keynote. I can listen to it again and again and I get to learn at my convenience and at my pace,” said Dr. Burt Smith, CME, CQM, PCM.

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About Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix out-spoke 25,000 contestants from over 30 countries to become the Toastmaster World Champion of Public Speaking. His first keynote was in 1994, and since then he has been honing his process, teaching and inspiring others to follow his example. Darren is a prolific creator of learning materials in the areas of presentation skills, humor, and marketing. He is known and loved internationally for his generosity.

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