SumAll Adds App to Analyze Credit Card Payment Data

Business reporting tool SumAll now offers analytics information for credit card sales data, thanks to a partnership with payment gateway service is used by businesses to process credit card payments both online and in physical locations. Founded in 1996, the company has more than 375,000 merchant customers and has an annual transaction volume of more than $88 Billion. So the business that use this tool can now integrate their payments data into the analytics system offered by SumAll.

It was the “most demanded app” by SumAll users according to the company’s website. This new partnership means that users of the reporting tool can now use it to analyze credit card sales in both online stores and brick and mortar locations, in conjunction with the wide range of data users of SumAll already have access to, including website data, social media data, and offline payments.

In addition to the new partnership with, SumAll’s apps include partnerships with other polular sites and services like PayPal, Ebay, Google Analytics, Twitter, and Facebook. The different apps are meant to help businesses understand a wide variety of business aspects, such as commerce, marketing, and investors.

The Manhattan based company was built to bring some of the same business intelligence tools that large corporations rely on to smaller and medium sized businesses. The purpose behind the data reporting provided by SumAll is to help these businesses better understand their customers so that they can make better business decisions, thus increasing productivity and profits.

The tool first entered beta testing in December. Since then it’s been regularly adding new tools and partnerships to give businesses a well-rounded view of their business data.

Other analytics tools like Unmetric offer business reporting tools to help analyze some of the same types of data. But if SumAll continues adding partners and apps each month, the amount of data available from the free service could help businesses keep their data organized in one central location while still analyzing all the necessary data.

The SumAll tool is currently free for all users, but paid plans with premium features are in the works.

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