Apple To Manufacture Macs in U.S.

So much for outsourced manufacturing jobs. Computer icon Apple Inc. says it will begin manufacturing Mac computers in the U.S. starting next year. For small businesses and startups, outsourcing is still a business necessity. However, some aspects of business, like marketing, are becoming hyper local. Your business may work with a combination of in-house employees and outsourced talent from halfway around the world or just across the street. Whom you work with, of course, depends on your business. Here’s a look at what’s happening with outsourced and local business functions today.

Manufacturing Makeover

Bringing it all back home. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced at least one line of Macs will be manufactured exclusively in the U.S. starting next year. The tech CEO was not more specific, but the announcement could be big news due to its impact on American jobs. It could also be critical for numerous U.S. small businesses that might play supporting roles to such manufacturing activities. The decision’s full effect on local business and the economy can only be estimated until more details emerge. Rock Center

Made in the U.S.A. Following Apple’s announcement of a commitment to spend $100 million building Macs in the U.S. beginning next year, Foxconn Technology Group, based in Taipei, says it plans to expand operations in North America. Foxconn, a major supplier for both Apple and Hewlett-Packard Co., claims the move is based on greater demand from its customers for products made in the U.S. The benefits of increased manufacturing in the U.S. will doubtless filter down through the economy, touching businesses in many sectors. Bloomberg

Reality Check

Outsourcing is a dirty word. The recent announcement from Apple of plans to build some Mac computers in the U.S. starting next year is the reverse of a trend over the last quarter century. Outsourcing functions either to a business in another city or in another country is no longer an activity limited to multinational companies. Small businesses have been able to benefit from the financial advantages of outsourcing more recently, although this sound business technique has also attracted an unfortunate stigma, writes William S. Utz. Expert Business Advice

How to save your startup. No matter what your business model, trying to handle all the functions of your company internally could cost you your startup. Wear too many hats and you can’t focus on the core competencies of your business that must be done right if you are to succeed. But, hire someone internally to do those jobs, and you’ll likely find the costs prohibitive. Here are some of the main functions you’ll want to outsource, allowing you to focus on more important things. Rahul Varshneya

Timing is everything. The most important thing about successful outsourcing is knowing when to start assigning important, but sometimes mundane tasks to others. Freelance writer Damien Elsing founded a Website dedicated to teaching businesses when it’s time to outsource.  Ask yourself whether you are spending too much time on tasks that could easily be done by someone else, and whether this is keeping you from more important things. OutsourceHow

On the Homefront

Just around the corner. While outsourcing services has become the norm in small businesses as a way of saving money, marketing is becoming increasingly more local. Check out the efforts of Airbnb, the online vacation rental service, to improve local SEO, helping users market their rentals in a way increasingly specific to their communities. Blogger David Iwanow gives us a look at the growing importance of marketing locally, even on the Web. Lost Press Marketing

Shop local this holiday season. Small businesses can show customers how by employing local online marketing techniques. Marketing expert Matt Mansfield gives us just two examples, starting with tips on how to build and market a standalone mobile app. (Don’t miss Matt’s video tutorial here!) His second idea is a QR code marketing plan for the holidays that you will want to consider. Both are ways of capturing more local customers’ attention during this festive season. Matt About Business

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