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How to Become a Masterful Company

masterful companIn a perfect world, our customers would always be happy. They would always share their positive experiences with friends and family. They would only buy from us. But we know that that’s not always a reality.

In his book, High Tech, High Touch Customer Service [1], Micah Solomon talks about using social media to provide stellar customer experience. He also outlines the profile of a “masterful company,” those that go above and beyond in the area of customer service.

Using a few of his 12 characteristics of a masterful company, I want to show you how you can become one.

Make Customers Feel Welcome…Before They Arrive

It’s one thing for your staff to greet customers when they walk in your door, but what are they doing to welcome them before that? Your website, social media channels, blogs, telephone and email all provide you with opportunity to connect with future customers and make them feel welcome before they ever step foot in your store.

Remove Barriers that Might Mar a Customer’s Experience

If you have a physical store, this means making sure you’re in an easily accessible location, that it’s easy to find parking and that people don’t have to hunt to find you. If you’re based online, that means having a simple-to-navigate website and minimizing the steps to complete a sale.

Anything that might make a customer abandon his shopping cart (physical or virtual) should be removed.

Your Employees Should Show Genuine Interest in Customers

This can be a challenge when you’re hiring disgruntled teens at minimum wage, but having a staff that honestly loves working at your company is key to drawing in customers. People can tell when employees don’t like where they work, and it affects their experience.

Create Processes to Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs and Desires

This requires thinking like a customer and determining what they really want and need.  Then creating processes around those needs.You can do this by empowering all of your staff to observe customers and take the necessary steps to amending negative situations.

If those occur again, you have a process in place to make the customer happier faster.

Know that Each Customer has Unique Needs

While your customers may share certain characteristics (just take a look at your demographics), it’s important to keep in mind that no two are alike. While you may be tired of giving the same speech about your current sale every time a customer walks in the door, realize that this is the first time this customer has heard it.

So say it with renewed vigor every time.

Make “Something Extra” Standard

I always say that setting expectations lower gives you the opportunity to surprise and delight a customer when you over deliver. Solomon says that giving a little something extra should be a part of your customer service culture.

That little additional boost may be all that separates you from your competition – and customers know that.

Never Stop Improving Customer Service

Even if you’re known for having stellar customer service, you can never, ever rest on your laurels and decide there’s no room for improvement. A masterful company continues to innovate how it addresses customer service solutions (i.e. adding Twitter support).

If you continue to strive to be better – you’ll be a masterful company too!

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