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Change Your Mind, Change Your Marketing

[1]Have you ever left your house heading one place — somewhere that you don’t go to often? But without thinking you slipped into auto pilot and ended up at work or at the grocery store that you always go to or at your child’s school?

It’s a habit formed by repeated actions. Witthout thinking, you’ll slip into it over and over and over again.

As a small business owner, you may have a few marketing habits that need shifting into a different direction. Below are three to consider.

Build It And They Will Come

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know the truth by now. You have do a lot more than just “build it.” To be effective, your marketing has to be woven into the product, service and the launch itself. Instead of one step, it’s four:

  1. Tell your target audience what you’re going to build and how it’s going to change their life.
  2. Then build what you said you where going to build.
  3. Tell them that you built it and simultaneously show them what’s in if for them.
  4. But don’t stop there. Continue to find relevant and unique ways to show your target audience what you have and how it will change something in their business/life.

Marketing, like every successful move in business, takes focused and intelligent effort and the building phase is only part of the equation.

One Egg, One Basket

You can be a one trick pony and that focus may allow you to excel at that one thing. But when it comes to marketing  you need more than one avenue.

It’s already too dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket. Because if you drop that basket, everything you have is gone. So having just one egg is even worse. You need multiple ways to explain what you have to offer.

You can put your message in text, videos and pictures — many eggs.   You also need varied ways to transport your message to where your target audience is. You can deliver it via social media, website, print items as well as local television and radio publicity — that’s more than one basket.

One Man, One Woman Show

You may have started your small business at the kitchen counter by yourself. You may have hustled alone, to move it forward for years. Ultimately, however, every strategy requires a savvy-little team to push it to the next level and your company is no different. The longer you ignore this fact, then the longer your brilliant ideas remain under-utilized.

You need a team, but it doesn’t have to be a sea of employees. When it comes to marketing, an outside but well-trained eye can make for a great mix. To move away from the one man or one woman show, you could contract with a marketing assistant. Someone to do things like help you monitor your social media, post your blog articles, and find engaging photos to accompany your content. Or you could add a marketing consultant to:

  1. Brainstorm with you.
  2. Learn to understand your brand and your audience.
  3. Help you implement the advice.
  4. Assess the impact with you.
  5. Adjust the plan for the next step in the strategy.

In other words, get help with your marketing and grow your business faster.

Colored Man [2] Photo via Shutterstock