Content Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2013

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and before long 2012 will be behind us. Sure, there is a lot of talk about the end of the world coming in December. But I think it is safe to assume that most of us believe we will be ringing in the new year as usual, and going about our lives in 2013.

Work isn’t going to be stopping any time soon, so it is better to keep ahead of the game and get prepared now.

Already we are seeing certain content marketing trends that are turning heads and building a buzz. Content marketing is changing like it always does, and there are a couple of methods that will obviously be building steam over the next twelve months. Trends that you should be doing everything you can to follow and utilize early.

Trends That Are Still Going To Be True In 2013

Mobile Content

When was the last time you came across a phone without at least basic mobile web capabilities? It is a rarity, and a survey conducted by Nielsen found that the number of people who own smart phones has increased dramatically in just the past year alone. Nearly 50% of mobile phone users own a model of the smart phone variety!

Another study, conducted by Google and written about by Mobile Sales head Jason Spero showed that one billion people would be using their mobile phones as their primary internet source by the end of the year. A prediction that isn’t difficult to believe, when viewed in combination with the Nielsen report.

The consequence to companies and websites that are not converting their content to mobile-friendly formats will be severe. Just think of how much potential visibility you could be using if the estimation of a billion mobile web users is really correct.

Video Content

For those looking to create viral content (which I would assume is all of us), there is no better medium than video. Highly shareable, eye-grabbing and effective, you don’t have to look far to find clips that have become incredibly successful. Including from businesses, who have been able to generate a lot of visibility from even a single ad.

Even if it is only a rehashing of old content, or making something incredibly low budget, it is worth it. If something shot on a cellphone can go viral, then something you make for a little petty cash can, as well.

Content Curation

content marketing

With so many channels to serve, collecting and promoting brand-relevant content is not an easy task. It has always been the general rule with social media marketing that you want to share as much of your own content as possible.

While there are some fan pages on Facebook or Twitter accounts dedicated to sharing only third party links and acting as a hub for a cause or purpose, most of us are more concerned with direct B2C marketing.

That being said, content curation is becoming increasingly more relevant to a modern marketing strategy. For those who don’t know, curation is when you:

“. . .collect and catalogue only the most interesting things about a subject so to share it for the common benefit.

content marketing

While it doesn’t replace your own content, it is an effective means of engaging your customers and inviting their attention.

It is also a potential way to catch the eye of their friends lists, as consumers share the links with others on their own social media pages.

Most Recently “Hot” Content Marketing Trends


content marketing

AuthorRank is nothing new. In fact, search marketers have been discussing it for years. However now that Google is talking more about AuthorRank and bloggers pick the topic up discussing the AgentRank patent, more and more focus will be put on personal author brands.

To make sure you are not missing out, here are a few content marketing tactics to start implementing in 2013:

  • Identify and promote talented authors within your company;
  • Make use of rel=”author” markup and Google Plus authorship information
  • Identify most powerful authors in your niche and start building relationships with them now (here are few tips to approach journalists and authors using)

Content Marketing is for Everyone

content marketing

Content has won. It has proved to be the most reliable and effective way to ensure stable web presence. Nowadays more and more industries realize the power of content. There are no boring niches that cannot produce generally popular content.

Today a plumber can maintain a great blog. Content marketing campaigns have become more creative while the scope is getting broader.

Content Re-Purposing

content marketing

With content streams becoming multiple and content formats getting diverse, constantly providing great content to serve all available channels is hard. That’s where content format “re-purposing” comes into play. Via re-purposing you can use the existing research or stats data to create various formats of killer content: an article, a video, an inforgraphic and possibly a quiz, contest or other interactive mash-up.

Every piece of content can thus be promoted through a unique channel providing additional exposure.


Over the next couple of months you will definitely be seeing instances of the trends above growing and spreading. Not only that, but they have actually been gaining momentum for years, continuing on into the next year and bringing many benefits to those who jump on board.

That alone should be enough to convince you that watching these content marketing trends is a good idea.

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Ann Smarty Ann Smarty is the founder of My Blog Guest, a free community of bloggers. Ann is also the Community and Brand Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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  1. Mobile content is in my opinion the key form of marketing in 2013. Companies have to get the content right and it is crucial not to overload the site with jargon. The mobile message has to be perfect.

  2. I don’t necessarily think you need to create “mobile content” (because I use my smartphone essentially the same way I use my laptop and tablet) but you do need to make your content more mobile friendly.

    • I agree, Roberts. These are definitely trends we’ll see in 2013. I’m especially sure that video will be a lot more prominent and businesses will need to adapt. I certainly plan to do so.


  3. I think the best content is always from experts as this one. I’m afraid non-experts can only learn the surface.

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  6. I agree Ann with your assessment of trends to adopt in 2013. Video is next channel I would like to offer to my audience. I also plan to monetize our existing mobile channel via ads and/or apps.

  7. Cheers Ann, have had sterling results using video marketing this year, so like you am expecting more of the same in 2013.

  8. Excellent post — need to get cracking on my Google authorship strategy. Thanks Ann!

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