Free Shipping Day Coming Dec. 17

Free Shipping Day is almost upon us. The day was created to entice online shoppers who have waited until the last possible moment to buy gifts and still want them delivered in time for the holidays at no charge. Here’s more on how this remarkable day came about and what it can mean for your business:

If It’s for Free, It’s for Me

Are you ready? First of all, don’t be like those customers, waiting for the last minute and then praying for a Christmas miracle. Business bloggers like Maria Valdez Haubrich have been talking about the event for a while now, so it’s time to get cracking. Actually, as Haubrich points out, free delivery is always a good idea that will make online businesses more competitive, but during the holidays it’s even more important. Grow Smart Biz

The more the merrier. Launched in 2008, the special day is growing rapidly. This year an estimated 2,000 retailers will be involved, offering free shipping and other bonuses. For online retailers, the day is becoming another huge push, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Daily News journalist Phyllis Furman. The day serves an obvious need on the part of both online merchants and consumers, a win-win for everyone this season.  New York Daily News

A Bright Idea

How it began. Like all great ideas, it seems, Free Shipping Day was born of necessity. Co-founder of, Luke Knowles, got his inspiration when he realized that while late Christmas shopping was practically a tradition, the new online shopping trend made Dec. 11 the cutoff for buying gifts online since customers knew placing orders any later would likely make it impossible to have them delivered in time to be placed under the tree…at least without paying extra.

Revenue in review. The effort has been well worth it, at least in terms of overall retail spending. Online sales on last year’s Free Shipping Day were north of $1 billion, making it one of the biggest single shopping days of the season. Check out how the special day stacked up compared to other shopping events like Cyber Monday. comScore

Some Great Suggestions

Don’t be left behind. If you still want to take advantage of Free Shipping Day, be sure to promote your offers through as many channels as possible. At the same time, clearly communicate deadlines and limitations on these orders to avoid holiday disappointment. Here’s a checklist you can use to get your online business ready for a day that is already surpassing Black Friday in overall sales. Data shows customers love free delivery, so make it work for you. Marketlive

Canada gets into the act. And if you think Free Shipping Day is just for U.S. merchants, think again. An estimated 250 online retailers in Canada took advantage of an earlier Free Shipping Day on Dec. 12, this year. Together with Cyber Monday and the growth of online e-commerce in general, online holiday shopping is expected to push the Canada Post to process more than a billion letters and parcels in December. CTV News

Free shipping all year round. The success of Free Shipping Day should give online retailers pause. Imagine the orders you might receive if you offered free shipping all year round! Clearly challenges exist, but experts say there is no reason you cannot offer this wonderful service to customers everyday. See this link for more on how to realize what might be a significant strategic advantage in your online business. Business News Daily

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