New Browser Wars Keep Online Entrepreneurs Guessing

Changes in marketing and technology keep entrepreneurs guessing about what might be next. In this roundup we move from the new so-called “browser wars” to the latest in marketing trends including some techniques your business may not yet be using, but should be. In the comment section below, tell us what you feel will be the most important marketing trend for your business in 2013 and beyond.

Browser Wars

One phone to rule them all. Two decades ago, browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator fought for control of the Internet. Today, it’s happening all over again with smartphones and tablets fighting for the same dominance over the Web. It’s uncertain who the winners will be. No matter who those winners are, the result will affect how your customers and clients see your business page. The New York Times

Model-T Websites in a modern world. The most important thing about the new browser wars is how they will affect your business Website. It’s important to avoid investing in a business Website only to have it become obsolete a year from now, says marketing expert Dana Pohly. Here are three questions Pohly suggests you ask when considering developing your business site. Step By Step Marketing

The tools not taken. In an ever changing technological and marketing environment, there are many choices to make for your business. Some of those choices are passed over because of all the options out there. Here are eight tools your small business should be using, if you aren’t using them already. In the rest of the roundup, we’ll look at even more options. AllBusiness

More Options

Suggestions for startups. Startups in particular need a good marketing approach. Many great resources exist on the Web, from how to pick the right name for your company to how to land your first startup marketing job. No need to search the Web for the answers to these questions if 2013 is a year you plan to start a new business. Marketing expert Mike Abasov has already picked the best of the best just for you.  Marketing Before Funding

Some small business trends. We already know the importance of mobile for small businesses heading into 2013. Other, new small business trends will also affect how you will market your products and services and interact with customers and clients into the New Year and into the foreseeable future. Matt Mansfield presents this infographic to tell you more. Matt About Business

More content creation. Not surprisingly, content marketing made Matt’s list of important marketing trends to watch in the new year. Content creation continues to evolve and has become increasingly challenging for businesses that use it as a communications and marketing channel. Here Lee Odden gives five suggestions for how your small business can make content creation better. TopRank

Better Information

Communication is key. The best kind of marketing may just be explaining what you mean. Forget all the trends and the tools out there. The most important thing is communicating with your customers. The marketing options we’ve discussed are great, but none are much use unless your customer understands the value of what you are offering, says Web content developer Steven Streight. Don’t automatically assume your customer knows what you’re talking about. Small Biz Survival

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  1. Thanks for including my “Top Small Business 2013 Predictions and Trends” infographic in your roundup! 😀


  2. I love this headline- Model-T Websites in a Modern World.


    So true. old-looking websites don’t work for me.

    Especially the ones that have sound-or sound AND video playing when you visit them.

    The Franchise King®

    • I totally agree. I HATE when I go to a site and music blasts out of nowhere. It’s such a turn off. Sites like that loose so many visitors because a lot of people (like me) are quick to close the window and never return. The best bet is to have a clean clear layout with no audio or video of any sort playing. Give your visitor a chance to consume your content first. If your content peeks their interest and there’s audio/video available for them to watch/listen to, they’ll naturally chose to do so. No need to force it on them.