Nine Inch Nails Singer To Launch Streaming Music Service

Entrepreneurs know the importance of content for marketing, communications, and even as a product. Chances are your business produces content of some kind, even if you’re primarily a service provider. You may not realize the implications that the latest streaming music service, scheduled to be launched in 2013, has for your business. But the proliferation of streaming content services demonstrates one thing: Content remains king. The demand for content among your customers is clear. Here are the latest trends you should watch.

Content Marketing Trends

Hitting the nail on the head. News that Trent Reznor, lead singer of the band Nine Inch Nails, will launch a new streaming music service called Daisy to compete with Spotify, demonstrates the insatiable demand for content among online consumers. This demand stretches beyond streaming music to video, blog posts, podcasts, and e-books too. Your business should be looking for ways to leverage the popularity of many different types of content to attract a loyal audience and establish a customer base that will continue returning again and again. The Verge

Return of the podcast. An old favorite is returning to prominence as a medium of online content, says blogger and marketing professional Rachel Parker. Upstaged for a while by YouTube, podcasts also seemed to fall out of popularity when content creators realized how labor intensive planning and recording a show could be. Now, however, the podcast is making a comeback, and can be an excellent component of your online business. Read more to learn why their popularity is again on the rise. Resonance

The Art of Communication

The basics of video. Video remains the most popular content on the Internet. If you aren’t using this format yet to create content for your brand, it’s time to give online video some serious consideration. Blogger Patrick Schaber insists you don’t need to be a professional producer or in possession of a lot of high tech equipment to create video your audience and customers will love. Here are some steps you should consider for creating quality video content, even if you lack the tools and experience of a seasoned pro. The Lonely Marketer

The death of inbound marketing. One of the best kinds of content marketing on the Web is still the guest post. But if you’re under the impression guest blogging is just the latest, safest form of inbound marketing since Google’s Penguin update, then you don’t really get it, says blogger and marketer Adam Connell. Guest blogging isn’t about sending someone worthless content laced with keyworded anchor text to boost your site, it’s about making connections and giving your best efforts a chance to shine! Blogging Wizard

Author, Author

Credit where credit is due. The entrepreneur is getting more like an author every day as creating content becomes a more important part of what we do. An essential aspect of online branding for you and your business is to take credit for the content you create on the Web. Google has an authorship feature that makes this easy. Use it to see that your content is always associated with your business and brand in all searches. Marketing blogger Sherryl Perry teaches you how to get started. Keep Up with the Web

How to create an e-book. Writing an e-book is another great way to create strong content for your business. E-books establish your expertise in a particular field, but they can also be a great way to create information products that your online business can sell, too. Here, blogger Martin Lindeskog gives us some solid resources to help even the novice create a first e-book. Think about topics that might appeal to your audience, clients, or customers. An e-book is a great way of sharing these topics with them.  Ego Sole Trader

Simple e-book marketing tips. Marketing your e-book need not be complicated. Again, the most important consideration is that you focus on quality. Center your e-book on a topic in which you have expertise and provide valuable information of interest to your target audience. Here, blogger and online publisher Tristan Higbee gives us the simple steps he used to successfully market his e-book without much of a following or the use of social media. The Backlight

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