Schedule and Manage Payroll Using Facial Recognition

Managing payroll has traditionally been a tedious and time-consuming task for employers. The cloud has brought about many interesting solutions that can help businesses save time on this task while still making sure all their data is accurate.

Now, another payroll solution has sprouted up that not only utilizes the cloud, but also the convenience of mobile technology and even facial recognition. PayrollHero is a Web-based solution that allows employees to actually punch in using their own mobile devices or by going online.

Using the employee’s face, IP address and GPS location, the app ensures that the right person shows up at the right place at the right time. The photo above shows the employee’s clock-in photo matching up with her main photo, along with the location where she is checking in.

The app also includes some social engagement features that aim to keep employees happy, and thus productive. These features are there to try and make the process fun for employees, but they can also help you track things like employee birthdays.

In addition, PayrollHero can help you track taxes, allowances and benefits, government forms, and more. It can also help you manage schedules and create payroll reports.

This type of payroll solution could definitely be beneficial to businesses looking to cut down on time spent managing schedules and keeping track of employee hours. Though this isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last, app that gives businesses the ability to manage payroll and scheduling, PayrollHero does offer some unique features to not only manage employees but also to keep them engaged in their workplace.

PayrollHero’s web and iOS payroll solution is currently in beta testing with businesses in the Philippines, but it will become available to businesses in other countries soon. Its time, attendance and scheduling solution is currently available worldwide. The SaaS app has a scaled pricing structure per employee per month.

PayrollHero is based in the Philippines and has a team of 14. The current apps are mainly built for iOS devices.


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