Digital Magazine Creation, the digital magazine creation platform, just launched a redesign of its news curation platform that aims to give users a cleaner design and easier ways to share and customize their content.

This redesign seems to be aimed particularly at online businesses and professional publishers that are looking to gain more web traffic and social interactions through their content, since it opens the door for more customization and a more professional overall look.

One new feature is called “Insight,” which allows users to add commentary or personalize the content they post in their stream. So for instance, if a user wants to add an article or video to their topic page, they can first include a brief description or opinion piece about it so that it isn’t seen as simply recycling old content.

Other changes include more social integrations, allowing users to sign in with existing accounts and view their connections on other sites along with the content they post; real-time notifications and a stream of users’ activity on the site; and a new user interface with larger images, better readability, and an improved publishing format.

When creating an account, you can use your existing Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to sign in, then you can choose your interests and create tags or keywords based on the type of content you would like to see. then crawls through its content to find the most relevant items that you can browse and select.

The photo above shows the community section of, showing users and their topics of interest, along with a real-time notification stream on the right.

For those who use the site, the changes simply mean a more professional looking and customizable layout, with easier ways to interact with other users and share content through various social channels.

But even for those who don’t have an account, the changes could mean more growth for the site and thus more content discovery, which could drive traffic to small online publishers and businesses even without ever visiting

The site offers a basic account for free, along with a pro version for $12.99 per month and a premium business version for $79 per month, which offers more branding, analytics, and content optimization options. launched publicly last November, and this is the first major redesign for the site that allows anyone to curate and share online content in a digital magazine format. This redesign comes just after the site announced new integrations with SlideShare, Hootsuite and Buffer, in an effort to help users optimize their content marketing strategies through social media publishing.


Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. is a powerful content curation site and tool. I use it to curate some of the best traffic generation content I find around the net as well as drive traffic to my site. It’s really neat and serve many purposes. Thanks for sharing your take on it.


  2. Michael Neuendorff

    I have just heard briefly about this new tool and this article has seriously compelled me to check it out. Looks like a good B2B tool btw. Thanks for the intriguing post! I’ll share it now.

    • Hi Michael – I’m Ally, the community manager at, and I’m so glad you’re intrigued by the service. Annie did an awesome job bringing curation and content discovery into the spotlight, and I’d be happy to continue the conversation with you anytime.


      • Michael Neuendorff

        Thanks for the note. I do plan to check it out. I’m on your site looking at the sign-up. Will start with the basic account. I’m following you on Twitter, too, so will ping you with any Q’s or ideas on tips for crushing it.

  3. Annie, Do you know of any discount codes for the business pricing on scoop it? We are not abel to find any and $79 a month is a little steep. I know this is from last year but we still use scoop it. Great site

    • Hi Tony:

      I’ve been using SI for at least a couple years now … side by side with RebelMouse. I’ve recently decided I’d be interested in upgrading to “Pro”. I noticed that there’s a ‘promo code’ field in the sign-up form so that implies to me there’s discount codes but I can’t find any anywhere on the net. Did you ever find one?

      BTW: My SI: “ID” is ‘wanderingsalsero’.

      skype: atwill4