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Mystery Millionaire Marketing Tips

New York Times best selling author [1] and fashion forward comedian turned television personality, Steve Harvey, recently had a small business owner and the creator of “The Slob-Proof Paint Pen” on his daytime talk show.

Highlighted in the “mystery millionaire” portion of the program Debbie Wiener [2], mom and millionaire, fired off a few marketing tips to another small business owner in efforts to help them grow their company.

It’s the kind of advice that could make a big difference in establishing any small business brand.  Below are two of her suggestions.

Add A Tagline

When potential customers visit your website or see the packaging for your product, it should be easy to figure out the core benefit of what you’re offering. They shouldn’t have to guess or take a long time digging through your content in order to discover what you can do for them. Let your visitors know up front with a tagline.

In offering a little friendly advice to another small business owner Wiener said:

“If I saw your product for the first time by itself, I wouldn’t know what it was.”

That’s the key for all of us: make it easy for your future clients to understand what you’re offering without having to talk to you. The tool that helps you make your message simple and clear up front is the tagline. You may want to check out The Artist and The Message — 6 Steps To A Better Tagline [3] to help update yours.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Even though you may take full advantage of the fact that the internet makes it easier to reach the world, always start where you are. The first steps to marketing your small business are often taken in your own back yard.

Yes. Set up your website, so that you can reach the world. Put scalable systems in place, so that your company is ready to grow. But when it comes to publicity, Wiener suggests that you:

“Think globally, but tell your story locally. Newspaper journalists love “that local woman does good story.”

Action Steps

If you’ve never done it before, why not write your first press release [4] this week. And then circulate it to the newspapers in your area. If they cover the story, then add the press clip (the article they published) to your website.

Plus you can turn around — with new confidence — update your press release and then submit it to the local television and radio stations in the area. Keep in mind, journalists are looking for news, not an ad. Your release needs to have the tone of “this is interesting local information” instead of “buy my product now.” Janet Meiners Thaeler offers Five Killer Press Release Tips for Small Businesses [4], in an earlier article.

Marketing is a process, you don’t have to do everything at once. But you do need to do something every month.

Millionaire [5] Photo via Shutterstock