20 Power Packed Tips to Create an Inspiring Workspace

create an inspiring workspaceStart by answering these questions:

  • Are you in a working environment that drives you nuts?
  • Do conditions in your workplace support positive and creative thinking?
  • Are you putting in a whole lot and yet it feels as though you are doing nothing?

Surroundings can have a big impact on your mood, emotions, and productivity. When your office space feels dead and lifeless, you’re employees and customers, not to mention yourself, may also feel dead and lifeless while you’re there.

Editor’s note: watch a video featuring the top 10 ways to create an inspiring workplace.

Create an environment where people enjoy working by following these power packed tips to develop an inspiring workspace:

1. Organize Your Place

It doesn’t pay to start adding things to an already cluttered space. Take some time to do a thorough clean up. Throw out the trash and organize what’s important. Working in an organized environment does wonders.

2. Improve Your Visualization

What do you spend your time looking at? Think of the things that make you feel peaceful, inspired, motivated. Come up with creative ways to surround yourself with these images. It could be images of a dream office space, the beach, a bench tucked away in the forest or even a dream work team.

3. Smell

What scents appeal to you? Did you know that aromas affect us in different ways? They can be calming, invigorating, and fresh smelling. All of which can be a good motivators.

4. Be Open

You owe it to your employees to regularly explain the importance of their work to the company’s larger goals. Constantly doing this will give them a sense of responsibility.

5. Break the Process

Make it a point to always make things clear and understandable to your team. Break down long-term assignments into clear, achievable, short-term milestones that can be celebrated when achieved.

6. Demonstrate Confidence in Your Employees

Demonstrating confidence in your employees is a perfect way to get them performing in an outstanding way. Never down play any opportunity to exhibit confidence, even when their behavior may mystify you.

7. Feel Their Plight

Regularly run a poll to know if your employees feel challenged by their tasks. This is important because by listening to what they feel, you give them the positive impression that they are recognized – and that you care about them.

8. Support Creative Thinking

Uninspiring working environments always feel lifeless.  Therefore, within your power you must foster creative thinking. Give room for ideas and opinions to thrive. You will be amazed at the caliber of “think tanks” you produce when you do this.

9. Lift Spirit

Create an environment that lifts the spirit, rather than drains energy. Determine the ways to do this.  It may be through words, rewards, etc. Engaging in this exercise means you will be get your employees performing at their best.

10. Celebrate Every Success and Milestone

Celebrate every employee and company achievement. The more these things are celebrated, the more employees are inspired to their peak performance.

11. Positively Recognize Employees

Employee recognition can, depending on whether they’re being recognized for a positive achievement or a negative failure, can either increase motivation – or leave the employee feeling demoralized. When recognition is offered in a positive manner and implemented effectively, it drives motivation.  Stay positive.

12. Foster Motivation

Addressing your team in a harsh and inhuman way is one quick way to demotivate them. Stop taking actions that are guaranteed to destroy motivation. Relate with them in a kind and caring manner at all times.

13. Reinforce the Company Image with Branding

If banners, stands, posters, and framed logos can have an impact on the way visitors feel about your company, they can do the same for your team. Always reenact what you stand for through these avenues.

14. Let Your Surroundings Be Well Lit

Good lighting is crucial in your office. Therefore, upgrading old fluorescent bulbs to new LED’s will save energy and make your space seem lighter and brighter. This will help visibility and make work easier.

15. Monitor & Measure 

Gather data to assess employee perceptions of the workplace. You have the opportunity to make adjustments if the feedback you receive is negative. If it is positive, you can also strive to become better.

16. Pay Promptly

An employee is worthy of his wages. Ensure you pay the salaries of your employees when due. Inspire your team by demonstrating that they can trust you to be mindful of their best interests and caring of their well-being and families.

17.  Foster Success

When you create a work environment that fosters motivation and healthy self-esteem, your employees will experience growth and development.

18. Love Them and Help Them Grow

Show your team you have their interests at heart by encouraging and showing them love at all times. Love is a rejuvenating medicine. Hate them or become resentful in some way and you will lose them to an employer who will do the opposite.

19. Promote Personal Growth

Make it mandatory to train your team.  It’s not only better for you and your business – it’s also what’s best for your employees.

20. Celebrate Holidays and Create Traditions for Motivation and Team Building

Create time to celebrate festive periods with your employees. Traditions are as important in businesses as they are in families. Nothing is more important for employee motivation than the annual traditions workplaces create for seasonal holidays.

“Inspire your team, and you will be on your way to being a great brand.”

Great brands know this and will do anything to keep creating an inspiring environment for employees, because they know this is how great productivity is driven.

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Valentine Belonwu Valentine Belonwu is from Nigeria and is the Founder of Business Gross, a site designed to help individuals understand that the economic and political climate is crucial when mapping out a quality financial strategy in their lives.

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  1. Great tips, Valentine. It’s important to have a nice and comfortable work space. It helps you get a lot more work done and be more creative as well.


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