Are You Doing The “Hard Work?”

In a business of any size, there are people doing many different things. There are people using their muscles – working hard. There are people doing transactional work and keeping things organized. There are people planning the work of others and watching over them.

In an entirely different category, there is a tiny minority doing the “hard work.” They are experienced, skilled and care about it all. They are thinking, observing and understanding the organization close enough that their intuition can guide them. They take on any challenge, any problem. They are creating or commissioning the systems, structure and innovations to see to the businesses’ survival, improve it, and move it forward. Often they are moving out of their personal comfort zones to do what nobody else can or will. They are doing the “hard work”.

If there is nobody in the business doing the “hard work”, it will languish and fail. And the degree that the people doing the “hard work” do it well, determines the fortune of the business.


What about your business?





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Larry Janesky

Larry Janesky Larry Janesky is the Author of Think Daily for business people - a collection of daily business tips. He is an award wining author and the founder of a number of successful businesses, most notably Basement Systems and Dr. Energy Saver.

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