Business Brand Rocks: Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Flavor

An iconic business brand rocks with the announcement of its latest product. Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream company known for its outrageous flavors with even more outrageous names always manages to keep its products in the spotlight. See how Ben & Jerry’s handles its brilliant branding efforts and how you can do the same with any budget.

Business Brand Magic

30 Rock finale. Ben & Jerry’s will unveil its latest flavor, “30 Rock” on Thursday, just in time for the season finale of the NBC comedy series for which it was named. The tie-in between the wrap-up of a popular TV show and the launch of a flavor honoring it is perfect. Bites on Today

Second time’s the charm. This is the second time the ice cream maker has honored actor Alec Baldwin with a flavor. Ben & Jerry’s strategy has also included naming a flavor after late Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. Pop culture references keep the company’s brand fresh and interesting.

Just deserts. Not all of  Ben & Jerry’s experiments have been a success. The flavor launched last year to honor Baldwin drew criticism. The the flavor’s name was taken from a popular Saturday Night Live comedy sketch in which Baldwin participated,  considered by some to be too adult for younger audiences.

Basics of Your Business Brand

Try to relate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a witty pop culture reference or something simpler. Your business brand must be something to which your customers can relate. Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill share an infographic and some tips about how to make your brand better. WebSuccessTeam

Boost your business. Content marketing is one of the best means on the Web to build a business brand. Tim Devaney says customers often ignore TV advertising, billboards, and printed ads. Instead they look for the information they want, when they want it. That’s where content comes in. Forbes

The perfect image. Video is one of the top branding tools for businesses large and small. Marketer Jamie Fairbairn explains the importance of maintaining a strong brand presence on video sites like YouTube. Here are some tips that will set your video page apart from competition. Social Media Today

Branding with 140 characters. Another important branding tool is Twitter, the micro-blogging social platform. Huge companies have had tremendous success boosting their brand recognition with the power of just 140 characters. Here is an infographic showing the value of a little networking with some text attached. Wishpond

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