Dream It, Design It, Live It: Coaching Workbook

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dream itDo you have goals and dreams, but need a way to organize your thoughts into action?  “Dream It! Design It! Live It!” is a comprehensive workbook written by Bonnie Marie Kuhn.

Dream It! Design It! Live It!

This is a coaching workbook created to take you through the necessary steps to brainstorm and build your life action plan. No matter what age you are or where you are in your business career, these steps are useful to help you think out-of-the box when it comes to planning the rest of your ideal life.

This workbook was self-published in August 2012 by Bonnie Kuhn. She sent me a review copy so that small business folks could get a jump start on their new year’s strategic planning.

I was impressed by the volume of content in the workbook. This is a thorough process with nine steps to take you from dreams to action plan. While you could get overwhelmed for all the exercises in the workbook, it is worth it to take your time and go through all the steps.

How To Use This Workbook

The Dream It! Design It! Live It! workbook has the following nine steps to generate your personal road map to success.

  1. Your Life Purpose – asks what type of legacy do you want to leave?
  2. Align Your Purpose with Your Life – looks at your current roles and external factors.
  3. Design Your Dream Life – sets the budget to finance your life.
  4. Envision Your Goals – helps you brainstorm and think out-of-the box.
  5. Bring Your Goals to Life – prioritizes where to start.
  6. Organize, Schedule & Plan Your Goals – creates a time management system to act on your goals.
  7. Your Internal Resources – outlines the critical need for a support system.
  8. Celebrate – identifies ways to savor each milestone.
  9. Circling – touches on how to keep your inspiration.

How Small Businesses Benefit

This is a great start for an entrepreneur who wants to flesh out a dream for a new business and fully incorporate this dream into their life.

I particularly like the financial section in step three that will help you identify what you need to get started and realistically finance your dream.

About Bonnie Marie Kuhn

Bonnie Marie Kuhn is the owner of Bonnie Marie Coaching. She is a Marketing Coach for New and Emerging Small Business Women Entrepreneurs. Bonnie is also a co-host for Solo Pro Radio, who highlights entrepreneurs every Tuesday.

The Bottom Line

You could be easily overwhelmed by the amount of content in “Dream It! Design It! Live It!” This workbook is not organized to skim through haphazardly.

I recommend, to fully benefit from all the exercises, that you use this book in conjunction with a strategic planning retreat or set aside dedicated time each week to work through all nine steps.

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