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New Coalition Encourages Businesses to Go Paperless

Workplace technology is constantly evolving. With new devices, cloud storage, and other collaboration options popping up daily, it seems that fewer and fewer businesses are using more tangible methods like printing documents and other papers.

For this reason “going paperless” has become a popular term for businesses looking to save money on office supplies.

Now, online faxing service HelloFax [1] has teamed up with Google Drive [2], online bill management company Manilla, electronic signature service Hellosign [3], online accounting service Xero [4], scanning company Fujitsu ScanSnap [5], and online expense report tool Expensify [6] to form the new “Paperless Coalition [7],” which aims to encourage businesses to use less paper in the workplace.

If you go to the coalition’s website, you can take a pledge to go paperless with your business in 2013. The photo above shows the homepage where businesses can sign up with their email address and take the paperless pledge. This also signs you up for the coalition’s monthly newsletter, which contains articles and tips about running a paperless business.

It’s likely these newsletters will mainly contain promotions from the partners and sponsors of the coalition, telling pledgers how Google Drive and other products and services can help companies cut back on paper usage.

But promotional or not, if one of your company’s goals for the new year is to save money on office supplies or cut back on paper usage, learning about different companies and tools on a monthly basis could still prove to be valuable.

And with so many different new technology options available, cutting back on paper usage should be a fairly simple goal for 2013, if your business hasn’t taken the leap already.

Though paper usage in office settings has certainly declined in the last several years, the Environmental Protection Agency still says that the average U.S. office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year, according to Paperless 2013’s about page [8].