Outsourcing Businesses Force Changes on Chinese Factories

In December, we reported that Apple had decided to manufacture some products in the U.S. However, the fact remains moving into the New Year, outsourcing will continue to be a driving force in business. This roundup looks at what outsourcing is doing to the business world and at the advantages your company can reap.

Make Changes

Outsourcing is changing China. Last year, conditions in Chinese factories that manufacture tech products for U.S. firms became the center of controversy. The issue was working conditions, worse in Chinese factories than would be permitted in the U.S. and other plants. U.S. leaders are also eager to bring more manufacturing jobs back. But manufacturing in countries like China by foreign companies is likely to continue…this time, with better conditions. The New York Times

Eight outsourcing mistakes. When looking to outsource products or services for your business, be careful you make the right choices. In this post, we hear from eight entrepreneurs; Steve Chou, Fraser Cain, Sean Platt, and others, who talk about their outsourcing experiences. Whether successes or failures, these anecdotes could help you improve your business’s effectiveness, increasing productivity while reducing costs. Rana Shahbaz

Reduce Costs

Saving on medical costs. One way to outsource services is to look into contractors and sub-contractors. These options as alternatives to hiring full-time employees will become increasingly important with new healthcare regulations on the way, writes Elaine Love in this guest post about small business employment. First, look at the pros and cons of these two kinds of outsourcing to see whether either or both might be right for your company. The Small Business Playbook

Class is in session. “Many small business owners are less interested in the logistics of running their company and more in the concept or product they are putting on the market,” says Kate Webster of ResourceNation.com. To meet this need some businesses are turning to HR outsourcing. Here is a look at what such organizations do, the benefits and drawbacks, and how to decide whether HR outsourcing is right for your business. OutsourceHow

Other Options

Outsource your SEO. Many larger companies hire an in house Search Engine Optimization specialist or perhaps a whole SEO department. However, smaller businesses sometimes do not have the budget necessary for another full salary even to fill the important roll of making sure their Website has good visibility online. Fortunately other choices exist, writes SEO specialist Nick Stamoulis. One is to study SEO and get started yourself. The other is to outsource your SEO services. Here’s how. Brick Marketing Blog

Nine more outsourcing resources. You may think the greatest challenge facing your company is money. In fact, one of the most limited resources available to you as an entrepreneur is your time. There are many options you can use when looking for ways to outsource services and products. Here is a list of some of the best from small business coach Stephanie Ward to save you time and potentially money. Firefly Coaching

What you don’t need. There is one kind of outsourcing you may want to avoid. Hiring forum posting services has inherent dangers you should consider first, writes Chris London, art and online marketing director for Pixel Productions Inc. While link-building using forum posts can be extremely effective at driving traffic to your site, this level of service is not generally provided by cheap SEO forum posting packages purchased online. Pixel Blog

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  1. While outsourcing is done to meet the demand for something cheaper, faster and better – I’m calling for all businesses to practice ethical outsourcing and help end human slavery in sweat shops across the globe. Time to make a positive change this 2013…

  2. China has recently become stricter when it comes with employment from foreign countries as well. I think outsourcing has also become a part or a factor of this change. Outsourcing just keeps on moving forward and considering China as one of the most populated countries in the world, I think it’s just right for some of these changes to occur.