Privately Held Manufacturing Firms See Greatest Growth

Business trends are always in flux. Watching for movement in various market segments that effect your particular business is part of the game, as is watching for trends in the tools and technologies we use every day. There are also the changes you need to make in your own business. Here’s what all entrepreneurs need to keep in mind.

The Difference Engine

Growth spurts. Not all businesses are suffering in the sluggish economy, it turns out. A list of fast-growing, privately held companies includes a market segment that bears watching in 2013. These are largely businesses tied to manufacturing, including machinery equipment wholesalers, machine shops, architectural and structural metals manufacturing, and industrial machinery manufacturing, some, no doubt, on the small side. Businesses partnering with or selling to this segment will probably do well. SageWorks Blog

Freestyle. Other changes are on the horizon, shifts that could alter the way all businesses market their products and services, at least online. For instance, check out this list of hot Web design trends from Tom Shapiro, founder and CEO of Digital Marketing NOW. These innovations will be a major consideration as businesses look at the evolution of the online market this year. Take a look at the sample designs on this post to get a glimpse at where things are headed. Digital Marketing Now

The Way We Were

A change of the guard. Change is a good thing, at least that’s how the convention goes. Change is what we all need to work for in our businesses, a way to keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the curve. At the same time, it’s been said that one of the top stressors in the workplace, and indeed in all of our lives, is the very change we are expected to embrace. So the question is how to keep our workplaces and our staffs evolving. Here are some thoughts from Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions. Managing Americans

A change of the label. There may be no more intimidating task than making a change in your brand, though sometimes this can help your business in ways you don’t yet realize. Kelly McCausey has been there and done that. There is no doubt she was nervous when she made significant brand changes, focusing on a new target market. But for all those entrepreneurs who may be contemplating a similar move, Kelly also has some great news. It’s not as scary as it seems. Small Business Branding

The startup mindset. Whether your business is big or small, you can still think like a startup, says business coach Raquel Guardia. Startups are quick growing and nimble entities with the ability to outdistance larger, more established companies. These larger companies have higher overhead and more defined business models, but fortunately, no matter where your company fits in on the growth curve, it’s always possible to recapture a bit of that startup spirit. Here’s how. Wiseup Coach Blog

Bring on Your Digital A Game

There’s traffic on that thar Web. We shouldn’t have to tell you that online marketing continues to be important, no matter what business you happen to be in. That means bringing in visitors who eventually become customers continues to be important, too. Check out these five tips to bring in massive blog traffic. Watch the video and learn more. Jody Jelas

How social is your media? If you think you have heard everything there is to say about social media marketing, think again. Blogger and entrepreneur Mark Trueman has written a post about how your use of social media must change. In fact, many of these techniques are out there already. These eight tips will revolutionize the way you use Twitter, but think about how you can change your approach in other social media platforms, too. ZenSpill

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