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20 Quotes for a Prosperous Year as a Small Business Owner

Motivational quotes for small business owners

Some may call you a dreamer or a fool, but one thing is for sure … you are a natural-born entrepreneur and business leader.

You have the natural aptitude for inventive ideas to fill a product or service gap and the adventure and drive to take you there.

Whether you are an aspiring small business owner looking to launch your first venture in the coming year or having been riding the entrepreneurial train for a decade, here are some inspiring quotes to ring in your New Year with success and good fortune.

From innovation and passion to perseverance after failing, the list compiles quotes from successful business leaders, intellectuals, Internet visionaries, and even rappers so you have hope in the hard times and can latch on to words of wisdom for optimal success in your business.

On Innovation

On Passion

On Failing

On Motivation

On Relevance

On Excellence

Use these quotes for small business owners to go out and have a prosperous year.