SCORE Recognizes Businesses for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We talk a great deal about the practical aspects of starting and running a small business. Perhaps we don’t spend enough time thinking about the great values promoted by entrepreneurs and small business owners. As Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed here in the U.S., it may be a good time to reflect upon the differences that we, as entrepreneurs, can make in the world. Read more about these ideas in the roundup below.


The highest SCORE. SCORE, providing mentoring and workshops for more than 375,000 new and growing small businesses annually, took time recently to recognize companies and entrepreneurs who exemplify the values espoused by Dr. King, just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On a special Website, SCORE recognizes the accomplishments of clients Annemarie du LeBohn, Marilyn Moats Kennedy, and others. Read more about these committed entrepreneurs at the link above. PR Newswire

Live the dream. In addition to his achievements as a leader of the civil rights movement, Dr. King is also remembered as a leader who inspired his followers to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. In this post, blogger Christopher Jan Benitez looks at how some of King’s most inspiring quotes can translate into advice for your small business. These tips include having a dream, considering the demands or needs of those who support you, and providing something that holds value. Print Runner Blog

Take a day on. Martin Luther King Jr. Day may be a national holiday, but not a day for taking off. Today, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), a federal agency leading the President’s national call to service initiative, asks companies to support veterans and military families, educate communities on disaster preparedness, promote education, and provide economic opportunities to the underprivileged. Your business, too, can look at lending a helping hand. Causecast

Basic Practice

Learn to collaborate. Another hallmark of the civil rights movement and other social movements since has been collaboration. And this collaboration can be equally effective in business. Here, Richard Greene, director of Clarus, describes how to set up a “thinking platform” to make collaboration work for your company. Greene looks at the major components of this “thinking platform”: the team, the objectives, execution, and reexamination. Your company needs to plan for more collaboration too. Clarus Advisors

Sell the idea. It’s interesting to consider, no matter what the business or organization, that everyone is in the business of selling. Selling an idea is what entrepreneurs do, so social movements and causes can certainly learn a lot from them. Entrepreneurs can use their talents to sell ideas for social projects that will make their communities better. Jenny Bhatt looks at the selling all humans do in this thoughtful posts of interest to anyone who has ever tried to win others over to a great idea. Free Agent Economics

Build your network. Whether building a social movement or a business, networking is important. Building a network is easier than most people think, and it certainly doesn’t need to begin and end with your Facebook account. In fact, in this guest post, Jessy Troy, blogger for DIY Gadgets, talks about how the practice of guest blogging among online entrepreneurs can create a powerful and influential network you can put to work for many of your business needs. Basic Blog Tips

Enlist your customers. Finally, one edge successful social movements have that many businesses might envy, is a base of committed followers who spread the word and share the importance of their movement with others. This, of course, is how a movement grows. As it turns out, businesses like Apple have been doing the same thing for quite some time now. Here, Fred Reichheld, fellow and founder of the loyalty practice at Bain & Company, has an explanation of how to develop a customer base of willing promoters for your brand. Catarina’s World

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