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SnagIt Screen Capture Makes Your Work Day Easier

SnagIt is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily screen capture almost anything. It also offers a lot of tools I need daily such as quick and easy cropping of screenshots, drawing tools and quick social sharing.

It also shares my captures with other software I used daily, like  Word, PowerPoint and Excel. SnagIt also offers other fantastic features in regards to capturing text, video and the Web.

screen capture toolHave you ever needed to show an image from the Web to a boss, client or employee quickly and wished you could just take a screen shot and circle an item in a big bright color or stick an arrow on it?

If so, this is the software for you. I am going to explain some of the options the tool offers and I hope this tool can help you save as much time as it has saved me.

What You Can Capture with SnagIt

SnagIt doesn’t just take screen shots. It captures all kinds of things for you:


There are different ways to capture images and other items. You can get scrolling screen shots which is great if you need to capture an entire page or even a social conversation. You can also choose exactly how much of a screen you want to capture and in my industry this is a massive time saver.

I snagged this image from SnagIt’s help section to show you how easy it is to use the software.

screen capture tool [1]

The Snagit Profile Options are:

Drawing Tools

I work on websites for clients and also do their SEO. Sometimes they just don’t see what I want them to see so often, it is faster to take 2 seconds with SnagIt to take a screenshot and circle what I want them to see. An example, for someone that said the hours of operation and calendar were not on the visit us page.

Yep, it was there, but sometimes people miss things. Sometimes I use arrows to help explain where things are on a website. I can also add text if I want:

screen capture tool [2]

There are many drawing tools to choose from [3]; you can see more of them at SnagIt.

Other Tools I Like

Sending and Sharing

Once I take a screen shot or capture an item I can immediately share it via email, upload it to a website or share with a program on my computer, like Adobe. It takes seconds.

screen capture tool [4]

Beyond sharing with everyday work software I can also share it socially, send it to someone on Skype, save it on Evernote or upload it to my Flickr account. These are accessories I use for myself or clients, but there are more to choose from.

With these tools I can share a capture immediately and move on to my next task. Creating images for PowerPoint presentations has become much faster and has saved me a lot of time. I couldn’t live with out this program.

screen capture tool [5]

A Time Saver

I wanted to share this tool with you because it is much more affordable than some image and video editing software. Plus, it offers options that allow users to work much faster than they typically can with traditional software.

This is an easy tool to use, it keeps images organized for me and it has saved me a tremendous amount of time.  There is a 30 day trial [6] for you to play with it and see if it can benefit you in anyway.

Beyond business, SnagIt [7] has helped when the older members of my family needed computer help. Now I just capture an image, stick arrows & instructions on it and email it.

Trust me when I say it has saved me frustrating hours on the phone.