TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. This is a neat tool. I’m sure that this will be extremely useful. Thanks for sharing.


  2. TJ thanks for the great review of MarketMeSuite! We really appreciate it! You are totally right about the videos, and we are on it! Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our new “wizards” that will help our users through the app easier and faster than before — I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s in to have a look 🙂

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

    • Hi Tammy, thank you! I think this looks like a great service and I personally am looking forward to trying it out.

      – Anita

  3. Thanks for the quick review. I think this app has a promising target market among social media professionals. I could see myself using this tool along side (or in the place of) my email client. I’ll keep a close watch on them. 😉

  4. I love marketmesuite but hopes they bring back those little red notifications 🙂