TradeGecko Simplifies Inventory and Order Management

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Small business owners often have more important things to do than manage multiple different spreadsheets, repeatedly checking to make sure that data is consistent between customer accounts, inventory, and sales. However, these tasks are essential, so luckily some cloud-based solutions have popped up in recent years to help businesses simplify these tasks and avoid manually updating multiple spreadsheets over and over again.

Now, small businesses have another option to consider. TradeGecko is a cloud-based application that aims to help small businesses manage inventory and sales, along with customer accounts and data.

The application first launched to the public back in October. And now, thanks to a $650,000 seed funding round, the application is integrating with other SaaS applications for businesses, such as Xero and Shopify.

These integrations will allow TradeGecko users to connect their online storefronts, accounting software, and other applications directly to their TradeGecko account, so that relevant data is updated automatically and in real-time. The Shopify integration is currently available to TradeGecko users, and integration with Xero is coming soon.

TradeGecko was created to help small business owners with various tasks such as managing customer accounts and data, keeping track of stock levels and inventory, and keeping all sales channels synchronized and up-to-date in one central system. These new integrations simply eliminate a step in the process of keeping information up-to-date, since many of TradeGecko’s users already use these types of applications and services.

The photo above shows many of the different features of the TradeGecko dashboard, from tracking the value of inventory to updating user information and even tracking sales throughout the month.

The application offers plans ranging from $49 a month to $499 a month. Plans vary based on how many orders and products need to be tracked and managed and how many user logins are needed to manage the account. A 21-day free trial is also available.

TradeGecko is based in Singapore and was founded in January by three entrepreneurs from New Zealand – Carl Thompson and Cameron and Bradley Priest. Since its launch, over 200 trial accounts have been opened in 26 different countries.

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