9 Website Must Haves That Your Website Needs

website must havesI work with small and medium sized companies to help them attract more sales leads.  One of the starting points that we look at is a company’s website.

Often times, companies miss adding items to their website that will facilitate attracting sales leads, so I thought I would share 9 Website Must Have’s that every website should have.

Here are 9 website must haves that you should have on your website:

  1. Social Share Widget – Did you know that only 34% of websites have a social share widget on them?  Adding a social share widget on your site will allow website visitors to help you spread the word through their networks. This is the ultimate viral marketing tool. Look at adding a social share widget on your website like Add This or Shareaholic.
  2. Live Chat Widget – When people visit your website, they may like what you have to offer, but may have questions. Why not add a live chat widget to your website so that people can ask their questions?  This will help you potentially get new clients. Most Live Chat widgets will have an offline mode that allows you to capture questions so that you can get back to a potential client.  One of my favorites is Zopim, but there are others out there.
  3. Email Capture Form – Email marketing is a great way to generate sales.  Sign up for a service like AWeber, Constant Contact, or one of my favorites, LeadLife and start building a list of people that you can market to.
  4. Video – It is said that video is remembered 8 times better than written information and 4 times better than audio.  Video should be a part of everyone’s marketing mix.  Consider putting up videos on your different pages to tell a story, show off your product or for just about anything you can think of.
  5. Multiple Ways to Contact You – Do you only have 1 or 2 ways for people to reach you?  You should have numerous ways so that you increase the likelihood of being contacted.  Try a contact form, text messaging, live chat, email, phone number, cell number, or any way that you can think of.   Make sure that you add contact information to every page on your site so that if someone finds something that they like, they can contact you.
  6. Google Analytics – Do you know how many people come to your website?  Or even where they come from?  Google Analytics is an amazing tool that can help you with this and it’s free.  Google Analytics will tell you about numerous aspects of your website, such as where people are coming from, if they are engaging on your site and other things.  As they say in marketing, you can’t measure what you don’t know.  Google Analytics will help you measure the unknown.
  7. A Call to Action – You can lead a horse to water but you can not get it to drink.  Your website is part of your marketing, and your marketing should be designed to generate sales leads.  As such, you need to tell visitors to your website what you want them to do. This is done through a strong call to action and you should have calls to action on most if not all of your web pages. One great idea is to have buttons that tell the visitor to do something, like “Click Here – For More Information” or “Buy Now”.
  8. Testimonials – People believe what other people have to say about you, your products and services.  Make sure that you add testimonials to your website.  A testimonial should be from someone who is real and who has used your product or service.  one of the best forms of testimonials is in the form of a video testimonial.
  9. Comments – This is especially true for any website that has a blog.  A lot of websites made with common platforms like WordPress and Joomla will probably have the comments functionality built in. You could also look at Disqus.

I hope that these website must haves will help you.

I realize that there are a lot more than the 9 I listed above.  Feel free to add any additional items that you think could benefit others in the comments section.

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Chris Hamilton Chris Hamilton is small and medium business sales and marketing consultant who writes a daily blog, SalesTipADay. He also hosts an online video interview show at NetCastEvent, where he interviews some of the worlds best sales and marketing consultants.

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  1. Mark @ ThinkTraffic

    Thanks Chris. That’s a great idea about having a live chat function. I tried this briefly a while ago, but at the time I wasn’t online enough to make it work.

    Since I’m now working and blogging full time, I may have to try it again and see how well it works.

  2. Thanks a lot, Chris.

    Good tips. It’s amazing to me how many webmasters miss these important basics.

    The Franchise King®

    • Hey Joel,

      Thanks a lot for commenting. Nice to virtually converse with the Franchise King.

      I think that website developers don’t come from a marketing background so they don’t really understand that a website is a significant portion of a companies marketing and it needs to be generating leads.



  3. Great post and suggestions, Chris. It’s important that your website runs optimally to return the best results for your efforts. Thanks for sharing this info with us.


  4. Great points Chris. I include an “Ask the Handyman” form to encourage people to ask questions about social media and Internet marketing, and use it for lead generation. (BTW, I’m known as the “Social Media Handyman.”)

  5. All great areas to focus on for sure. I’d also vote for making sure your website is full of great content. Valuable content that helps the user really understand the benefits of the company. This extends to blogs. Great content is critical to blogging as we’ll as social media.

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for commenting.

      So true. Great content will get you found, then you need to convert those eyeballs into prospects.



  6. Another important part of website execution is getting spelling and grammar right — this is vital for credibility.

    [Edited by Editor]

    Bottom line – if you want to be taken as an authority, don’t allow a post to go online with eighth-grade errors. If your website is valuable to you, invest a small amount in a proof-reader or editor.

    • Trevor, thank you so much for the pointers. We made corrections to this article. Sometimes things slip by us.

      – Anita

  7. Interesting things to have on a site. I am quite fascinated by the fact that a chat can make a difference.

    • Shalu,

      Chat can make a huge difference. 80% of people leave a website never to come back. Usually because they can’t find what they need. Giving them the ability to ask a question and get an answer is often all it takes to take a person from just looking to being a client.

      Also, the chat function often times has an offline mode that allows people to send emails. I have a client that gets lots of great qualified sales leads each month because of this.



  8. We have 8 of 9 on the website. Testimonials are what we are missing. How many would you recommend having listed, and would you recommend a few on the homepage?

    • Brent,

      I’ll give you a great idea here – we do it on our site – use video testimonials from real clients if you can. If you can get some on your home page, absolutely worth while since a home page is usually the most viewed page. I have seen a stat (although it may not be true) that having testimonials on your website can increase sales buy up to 20%, but I would say that depends on what you are selling.

      Look at http://www.netcastevent.com near the bottom left and you will see the comments section where we have authors giving us testimonials.

      Also, you can look at http://www.netcastevent.com/interviews/skype-introduction-business-interview-shows-promote-your-company-website to see where we have video testimonials for people we have interviewed for their business.

      What have you seen with the 8 of the 9 that you think work the best?



  9. Hi, Chris. I have used many of these on my sites. I need to consider the chat idea – I didn’t realize it would work even when you weren’t at the computer all the time. I also need to get testimonials. Video testimonials sound intriguing!

    Some things I use that aren’t mentioned are a language translator tool and the ability to get posts emailed to the reader. A RSS button and about page are also important in my opinion.

    • Ah, I didn’t even think of the RSS feed. Good one.

      Never thought about a translation tool.



  10. Chris, thanks for the reply. We will get to work on the video testimonials. The live chat feature has been the most productive sales converter we have. We send invites to visitors based on what page and products they look at. It has been a great addition to the site and has paid for its self many times over.

  11. Thanks for the suggestions. These are things that we sometimes don’t think about but that make all the difference for the customer. It is not all about graphics and visuals, the website has to be functional and useful for the customer.

  12. thanks so much that was very interesting list. I can add “strong About Page”, “beautiful simple design”

    • I agree with both suggestions.

      Your about page is way to really let you shine in a potential clients eyes.



  13. Hi Chris, these are all good points. I don’t think Australians have got our heads around live chat from our websites as you guys. I guess it will happen eventually. All your points are spot on. I think video is becoming more important too. I am having a go at using videolicious, so taking a bit of time to master it and how I might incorporate it into my marketing promotions for my website.

  14. Yes, Its a Must thing to add in a website for effective business sales. And OnetoOnetext is a live chat tool to instanly communicate with potential customers visiting your website.