WordPress Company Automattic Buys Popular Synced Note-Taking App

Online business includes blogging. In fact, what is arguably the most popular form of digital publishing is so inextricably linked to entrepreneurship, its importance is rarely questioned. In this post, we’ll look at developments at one of the most popular blog platforms around and talk about blog techniques and other tools likely to help your business efforts online.

Blogs for Business

Digital business is ‘automattic’. The company behind the popular blogging platform WordPress has purchased Simperium, creator of Simplenote, a popular note-taking app for iOS. Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg says the company will use the new Simplenote’s utility to improve WordPress’s mobile performance and continue to offer it as a service for others. All Things D

Take the a-list. Blogging is about establishing a presence and a voice for yourself and your business, but of course, there’s plenty of competition out there. So the key is to distinguish your blog’s voice and your personal brand from all the rest. Guest blogger Justin Young suggests taking tips from superstars like Michael Jordan when elevating your performance as a blogger. Basic Blog Tips

Tips for Topics

The biggest fail. The other extreme is the blog that never makes the splash intended and fails to create a presence or an impact for your business or brand. Though the conventional wisdom may be that simply starting a blog and updating it regularly guarantees an audience, in the end this is not necessarily true. Here are some common things that cause blogs to fail…and some solutions to help you succeed. SteamFeed

The road already traveled. Original content is critical to a successful blog, but there may be reasons you want to cover the same topics as other bloggers too. For example, you may want to make sure you are the main resource for information in your niche, and this means not sending your audience to another site for information you could easily provide. Here blogger Kristi Hines shares a number of reasons you should consider writing about topics also covered elsewhere. Famous Bloggers

Starting over. Successful blogging is also about stick-to-itiveness. Don’t give up and eventually your audience will grow, even if it takes a while. But there is a time to go back to the drawing board. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean scrapping your original blog completely, but it may be time for a reboot. In this post and podcast, online entrepreneur Tristan Higbee explains how and why he started over again with his blog and a bit about the art of niche selection. The Backlight

Digital Business Basics

Too many gurus. One of the most important steps toward blogging success, as in all business, is to find your own path and follow it; but if you’ve listened to a lot of advice along the way, you may find yourself paralyzed when looking for the right path forward. Blogger Timo Kiander has some suggestions to avoid this plight. Just pick the right teacher and don’t look back. Weblogbetter

Other cool tools. In a way, blogging could be thought of as the ultimate micro-business. Public relations and small business coordinator Arthur Piccio describes at least some of these micro-businesses as people attempting to monetize their hobbies connected by networks like Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and Pinterest. In addition to WordPress, there are many other tools that can help this group. These technologies can transform any business, including yours. UPrinting

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  1. Great roundup. Blogging is a great business and I love doing it. It can be just as if not more fruitful than any traditional online business. Thanks for sharing this with us.