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10 Tips For Successful Text Marketing

text marketingAre you using text marketing or text codes as part of your marketing strategy?

If you don’t know what text marketing or mobile marketing (I use these terms as one and the same) is, then this is something that you need to be looking into.

Text marketing is basically distributing your marketing through a wireless network. Usually how it works is, you text a certain keyword to a mobile short code and then you are either directed to a landing page or you receive a text message with a link that directs you to a specific landing page.  On that landing page, you complete the desired action, like fill out a form, redeem a coupon or something along those lines.

A major reason you would want to look at using text marketing or mobile marketing is that most people carry a cell phone and text is used by most cellphone owners. In addition to this, in an interview I recently conducted with Jed Alpert, author of The Mobile Marketing Revolution [1]. Alpert stated that the uptake by adding a text code to marketing is up to 10 times higher than if you don’t use a text code.

10 Tips For Successful Text Marketing

The Short Code

When you decide to use text marketing, look for a company that has an easy-to-remember short code. The short code is the number that you text your keyword too. If the numbers are not easy to remember, then your uptake will be lower.

For example, the company that I use in Canada has a short code of 313131, which is easy to remember.

The Keyword

As with the short code, keep the keyword short and easy-to-remember. Don’t force someone to type an alphanumeric code that isn’t easy to remember or a long keyword that people will get carpal tunnel syndrome from typing.

The combination of a short keyword to an easy-to-remember short code will allow you to have a higher uptake.

A Mobile Ready Landing Page

Since you are using a mobile device to view a landing page, make sure that the page that you are directing people to is mobile friendly.  Otherwise, it might be too hard to read.

Capture an Email Address

By pairing mobile marketing with email marketing, you will have another way to market to people. The nice thing is, you will be able to send emails to people time and time again.

Use Mobile Marketing Only When Appropriate

If you choose to send out information to someones cell phone, make sure that you are not spamming them. It’s one thing to send emails to people, but it is entirely different when you start sending messages to someones cell phone.

Mobile messages can be read up to 100% of the time and unless you are providing something of significant value to the recipient, then think twice about how many times you send messages.

Have a Call To Action

This is basic common sense, but so many people fail to add a call to action to their marketing messages. If you are using a sign to get someone to text, then tell them what you want them to do. Such as, “Text X to Short Code to get a 10% off coupon today.”

Give Something Away of Value

Once you have gotten someone to follow your call to action, make sure that you give something away of value. It’s doesn’t have to be monetary value, but instead, it can informational in nature.

Measure Results

The nice thing about text marketing is that you can measure results. You can measure how many people used a text code and then if you use a link to a webpage, you can track that conversion.  Finally, you can measure the uptake on your offer.

Few forms of marketing can give you that level of granularity.

Put Text Marketing on Any Visible Place

I place text codes in a lot of different places such as signs, business cards, products and company trucks among others.  There are lots of places that you can place text codes.

Use Text Marketing To Act As Your Business Card

How many times have you been without a card and you really want to give someone your contact information?

Use your name and have it hooked up to a virtual card that someone can download. This way you will never be without a business card.

Mobile Marketing [2] Photo via Shutterstock