Vine Tweet Report: Analytics Tool for Twitter’s Vine App

Since Twitter launched its Vine mobile video app in January, many users including brands have signed up to create six-second looping videos to share with their social networks. But since the platform is still so new, it may seem difficult for brands and businesses to measure exactly how their creations on the Vine app are received and how they might impact current and potential customers.

Now, free analytics report provider Simply Measured has released a new tool to help brands make sense of all the noise surrounding Vine. The analytics report shows which Vine app users are interacting with your videos, as well as your brand’s top influencers, and how your network engagement on Vine compares with engagement on other social platforms.

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The photo above shows a sample user analysis, which includes the amount of posts your brand has made on Vine and other media such as YouTube and Instagram, and how the engagement on each of these platforms stacks up against the engagement your brand receives on Vine. It also shows your brand’s top followers and influencers, based on interactions with tweets that contain Vine videos.

You can also choose to filter your analytics results by city or country, and see which of your Vine videos has gained the most views and has the most potential for impact. There’s also a section called “Your Vines by the Numbers,” which shows the number of total users your Vines have reached, how many times users engaged with your Vines, the potential reach (the number of users who have interacted with your Vines and their total combined followers), and the potential impressions (the potential times your Vines could have shown up in users’ feeds).

Twitter’s Vine app is still a very new tool that brands are using to reach social audiences, so there haven’t been many ways for these brands to actually measure engagement and figure out if posting these six-second clips can actually be worth it. But analytics tools like this one have become a big part of social media strategies for many companies that use other social media platforms, so it was only a matter of time before such tools became available for Vine app users as well.

Simply Measured was first introduced in 2010 and has helped to track more than 173,000 social media profiles on various sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.  The different free reports offered by the company can cover anything from followers to traffic sources. The analytics tool for vine is the Seattle-based company’s newest offering, launching just about a month after Vine app debuted in the app store.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if Vine will take off or if it will be a fad. It seems that video applications have had a hard time to catch on. I created my first Vine today! Click on my name if you want to see: My #firstpost on Vine. Robin & Rufus. Birthday Cats.

  2. This site is interesting a collection of vine videos similar to pinterest.