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Your Blog: Hub of the Great Content Marketing Wheel

content marketingDisclaimer: I’m a sucker for a good analogy. That being said, let’s roll.

We all hear the benefits of blogging touted throughout the blogosphere. Heck, if you haven’t heard any of the so-called benefits, Jeff Bullas has written up 10 of them [1], any one of which is enough to convince me.

Today, however, I want to focus on one very specific benefit (not on Bullas’ list): A blog serves as the hub of your content marketing wheel.

As the hub of your wheel, all other content marketing efforts radiate out from the blog and shoot back into the blog.


• Blog = Hub
• All Other Content Marketing Channels = Spokes

Why the Blog?

The blog is not some almighty, unconquerable, chief element of content marketing. There’s nothing magical about firing up a WordPress account and rattling off 300-word bits of wisdom every three days. That’s not blogging.  Rather, I’m a fan of the blog because of its versatility. Every content channel has its purpose and many of those purposes are ultra-specific.

Instagram, for example, only allows you to share visual content. Sure, you can get creative and integrate promo codes and other types of content, but at the end of the day, it has to be visual. I’m not picking on Instagram. You could say the same of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all of the other channels.  My point is that all of these content channels – these spokes – are rather limited.

The Near Limitless Blog

While I hesitate to say that the options for a blog are totally limitless, they’re pretty darn close. When you have a blog, you can focus on a number of things:

• Telling stories.
• Sharing company photos.
• Selling your products.
• Conversing with an audience.
• Sharing great content from others.
• Addressing pain points.
• Showcasing thought leadership.

This list could go on, and on, and on. Of course, doing five hundred different things with your blog would be pretty confusing for your readers. After all, your audience has the right to expect some kind of consistency from you.

What the blog allows you to do is create a hub: One centralized place where all of the various spokes of your content marketing efforts can connect.

Think of your blog as a showcase. While it offers its own original content (which is essential), it also connects the various spokes of your brand (Facebook, Pinterest, FourSquare, etc.).

Does a Blog Have to Be My Hub?

It’s definitely worth mentioning that this is just one theory. Not every company is going to find that a blog is the perfect hub for their content marketing wheel. For some it may be a Facebook page, a Slide Share profile or something else.

The important thing isn’t necessarily that your blog is your hub, but that you have a hub. Organizing your content marketing around one centric platform is crucial for brand uniformity and a successful web presence. At least, that’s my take.

What’s your opinion?

A Man Blogging [2] Photo via Shutterstock