Customer Demand Brings Back J.C. Penney Sales

Customer demand is bringing back J.C. Penney Sales. Innovation is great for any business, but when that innovation upsets your customers, it’s time to put customer experience first. Here’s more about the lesson J.C. Penney learned the hard way and the one every business must learn in the end, too.

Customer Demand Changes Everything

JCP goes old school. The huge retailer started making changes in its stores nationwide a year ago. Those changes included getting rid of J.C. Penney’s popular sales that numbered in the hundreds each year. Customers were bummed. Sales took a hit, but now, they’re coming back. CBS Money Watch

The best is yet to come. J.C. Penney plans to re-introduce many of the sales its customers clearly love. The elimination was originally part of a plan by new Chief Executive Ron Johnson. He felt discounts were costing the business too much money. Customers voted with their pocketbooks costing the stores much more in lost sales. The Wall Street Journal

A no-brainer. It may take some time to see whether the return of J.C. Penney’s popular sales will repair the damage done with customers, but Wall Street seems to think so. The company’s stock shares jumped on Tuesday with news of the return to the retailer’s discounting roots. When you make a change in your business, be sure to focus on customers first. Bloomberg Businessweek

Customer Demand Guides Innovation

Keep an eye on customer experience. Both on your Website and in your store, customer experience can be your guide. Sylvia Rosen explains the importance of this idea when planning what’s ahead for your business in 2013. The trick is to really know your customers and to build the trust they need. BuyerZone

Make yourself useful. If you want to improve customer experience online or off, the key is to offer something useful. Beatrice Whelan of Sage Ireland tells Amanda Webb how to add value for your customers in everything you do. See this video interview for more details. Tweak Your Biz

You can’t please everyone. It’s one of the hardest things to learn about meeting customer demand. Susan Oakes has this advice. Do some analysis. If the decision is right for your business, don’t mistake a few vocal critics for your customers. M4B Marketing

All you need is love. Meet customer demand and they will love you. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Jamie Fairbairn has some suggestions that will help you keep the romance going. Start by doing something special for your customers without expecting anything in return. Read on. SearchBlogger

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  1. How is J.C. Penney managing to fight the competition with other players, e.g. online web shops and mailorder companies?

  2. Awesome, it’s great to hear that JC Penny’s sales are back up. I hope they can keep them there.

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