Google Forms Update Allows for Easier Collaboration

Google Forms, the online app within Google Drive that allows users to ask questions and collect data into spreadsheets, just got an update that makes real-time collaboration between team members easier.

With Google Forms, you can build questionnaires and surveys and distribute them, then the data is automatically put into a Google Drive spreadsheet. This technology isn’t specifically reserved for businesses, but it’s clear how it can be useful for companies or entrepreneurs looking to collect and organize data from consumers or even other team members.

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With Forms, you can ask customers questions about their experiences with your company’s products or services, collect general demographic information from people who visit your company’s website, get RSVP’s for events, and even collect opinions from employees or other team members.

Now, when editing forms, you can work simultaneously with other team members and even chat with each other in a box on the right hand side, as shown in the above photo. You can also see how many other viewers are working on the same form, as well as how to add items, choose themes, view responses and a number of other functions.

Previously, if multiple team members had to view and edit a document before distributing it, they would have to take turns making edits and giving feedback. This new system will allow you to simply set a time with team members to make quick edits together, giving feedback as you go.

But even those working alone can enjoy some new minor editing features, including undo and redo options, keyboard shortcuts, improved copy and paste, and auto saving. You can also download a .csv file with your completed data.

Most of these changes are fairly minor, but together they can help save some time and cut down on steps when working with others on creating and editing Forms.

The other features of Google Forms will remain unchanged, including the ability to share forms directly through Google+ or Gmail.

Other Google Drive apps include Docs, Sheets and Slides, which also allow real-time collaboration.

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  1. Thanks for the article – I’m always interested in new tools that make collaborating easier (I’m experimenting with Producteev at the moment).

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi great post, another tip for you. Using Zapier you can push the data into their api and then import form/survey data into CRM’s and other business apps.,GoogleDocsAPI