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Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Business – Twitter Style

Holiday marketing tipsHoliday marketing has become ever more popular with small businesses.  Just look around at how frequently you see the words “sale” or “specials” combined with a holiday name such as Christmas or Mother’s Day.

No longer is it just the “big” holidays.  Groundhog Day, Columbus Day, Flag Day — all are being used as marketing hooks.

Holiday marketing is not just limited to businesses that sell to consumers, either.   Even companies that sell to other businesses now routinely offer Thanksgiving specials, Columbus Day sales, and Independence Day promotions.

On February 7, 2013, we partnered with FedEx Office on a Twitter chat to crowdsource tips on  “How SMBs Can Take Advantage of Consumer Holidays.”

Members of the small business community jumped in to share advice and tips for other business owners in response to questions posed by FedEx Office (@FedExOffice), the host.  Below is a recap of  highlighted tips:

Q1. How common is it for businesses to use a holiday such as a Valentine’s Day as a marketing theme?

Q2. What is the most unusual example of a holiday marketing technique you’ve ever seen? 

Q3. Let’s focus on restaurants for a moment. What techniques can they use?

Q4. What about ecommerce and retail? What should they be doing for holidays? 

Q5. What about holiday flyers?

Q6. Can you take holiday marketing too far?

Q7. Can businesses work together to give a bigger bang? 

Q8. How can you use online techniques to support offline marketing?

Q9. What other things can you do to prepare for the holidays? 

Thanks again to all the participants who joined us to discuss holiday marketing tips for small businesses.  If you saw a holiday marketing tip that resonated with you, why not follow/connect with that participant on Twitter?  And be sure to check out @FedExOffice on Twitter, and the Business Edge [1]on the FedEx Office website.

See the full chat transcript [2]. Please remember this recap is not a complete transcript. We’ve removed hashtags and other repetitive information for better readability.

Disclosure: FedEx Office compensated me to participate as a small business expert during the FedEx Office Tweet Chat program and write this post. FedEx Office also provided the gift cards given away in this chat. The ideas in this blog post are mine and not ideas or advice from FedEx Office.