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How to Create Charts And Visual Data Using iCharts

People like charts. They like to see ideas and data in a visual form which is what drives the popularity of infographics. The real power in visual information is that people can share it via email or social media. iCharts makes the process of taking data into a visual form easy for the small business owner.

iCharts [1]┬áis a cloud-based chart application that can make your content creation efforts better. Let’s be brutally honest here: When we write a blog post or share something on Facebook to promote our business, our thought leadership, we want prospects to see it.

The flip side, for the consumer or business prospect, is they want educational, informational, non-sales type content. The iCharts platform provides a code-free interactive charting template that will allow you to compile the data to create what Hugh MacLeod, creator of the famous Gaping Void cartoon, calls a “Social Object.”

Here is a quick visual that I created in a free level account to showcase how it works:

create charts [2]

You can see some of the tabs on the right, which allow a very granular level of detail and data. You can import datasets (think spreadsheets and databases) or just manually enter some basic numbers as I did to create this simple fictitious pie chart. You can do some of these things in a spreadsheet, of course, but iCharts lets you import from Microsoft Excel, or Google Spreadsheet, or even data from the web with services like SurveyMonkey. You can save that dataset and use it again, too.

What I really like:



Chart: When consumers will start holiday shopping. Four in 10 (41.4%) of Americans say they will begin holiday shopping before Halloween. Description: Tags: retail, holidays, shopping. Author: charts powered by iCharts [3].

What I would like to see:

If you are going to create a visual, make a point. Don’t toss numbers onto a chart. Yes, people like to share visual data online, even charts, but you must make them memorable and make sure you keep consistent with your own brand message. You can’t make data interesting because of a pie chart alone.

The iCharts service can help you make visual documents and make them more shareable, but you still have to do the hard thinking and heavy lifting. They offer a limited free level plan that allow for unlimited charts, then paid plans start at $10/month.

Charts [4] Photo via Shutterstock